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Discovering Wellness Paradise: A Journey Through RAKxa Wellness and Medical Resort

Step into the world of tranquility and well-being as you touch down at the bustling Survabhumi International Airport. Imagine being greeted by an array of hotel banners, ready to whisk you away to your very own private oasis.

Pavillion overlooking the lake

RAKxa Integrative Wellness is a luxurious oasis nestled in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, offering a holistic approach to well-being. With state-of-the-art facilities and a focus on personalized wellness programs.

Last month, Om and Away embarked on an exquisite journey to Thailand’s premier wellness luxury retreat, and it was nothing short of extraordinary. Arriving fashionably late at 5 p.m., I was immediately enveloped in a serene pavilion, an oasis of peace and calm.

Capture the essence with this pavilion photo:

As I settled into a cozy seat, a warm-hearted staff initiated a minute-long symphony of sound bowls and gongs. The soothing resonance swept away my stress, and I surrendered to the gentle vibrations coursing through my body.

The path to my lavish private villa unveiled two bicycles, inviting guests to explore the sprawling resort. Decorated with opulent wooden accents and neutral-toned furnishings, the villa exuded an unmistakable sense of comfort. Rakxa had thoughtfully stocked the fridge with healthy snacks, cookies, and immune-boosting shots to keep us aligned with our wellness journey.

Get a glimpse with a medley of property photos:

Arriving late in the evening, I was famished after unpacking, so I made my way to the restaurant. There, dinner was a wellness revelation. From Blue Butterfly Pea Bread to pumpkin gluten-free bread, every dish at Rakxa was a culinary masterpiece.

Savor these delectable food photos:


After a restful night’s sleep, I readied myself for a Health and Wellness Consultation. Here, dedicated professionals meticulously assessed my health, customized the retreat based on my needs, and provided invaluable insights. Engaging in a candid dialogue with the representatives, I felt reassured that my well-being was in capable hands at RAKxa.

Experience the journey with these images of balance assessments and more:

Next, I embarked on a series of assessments, utilizing state-of-the-art machines to measure my core strength, balance, and power. It was a truly eye-opening experience for me, delving into this realm of advanced wellness technology.

These images of balance and assessments come to life:

A 45-minute stretching class put our flexibility to the test, followed by a luscious spa bath that left my skin feeling supple and refreshed. However, the highlight of the day was the Cryotherapy experience, immersing in a chamber reaching beyond -110 degrees Celsius for three invigorating minutes. This remarkable therapy not only stimulates blood circulation but also bolsters the immune system and mitigates migraines and nerve issues.

Catch a glimpse of the Cryotherapy adventure with captivating footage and photos:

The hydrotherapy room stood out as another personal favorite. Offering a sanctuary of rejuvenation, it houses a Sauna, Steam Sauna, Forest bathing, and even a revitalizing cold plunge pool.

Take a peek at this serene hydrotherapy room:

For those seeking a wellness retreat within the heart of bustling Bangkok City, RAKxa stands as the ultimate destination. It’s an idyllic sanctuary for those on a quest for peace, recovery, and holistic healing.

And for a limited time, enjoy a $150 discount when you book through Om & Away. We can’t wait to welcome you to the serene haven of RAKxa Wellness and Medical Resort. Your journey to well-being begins here.

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In health and love, Iris