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Eden Health Retreat | Australia, A Review By Om & Away

If you are looking for a rejuvenating and complete detox from the world, this is where you want to be. This is a 7 Days, 6 Nights,  fuss-free, all-inclusive retreat.

7 days at Eden Health Retreat is possibly the best and most relaxing retreat I have ever been to. I knew I was in for a treat the moment the main gate opened and we were served our first glass of exotic juice from the natural spring water from the Currumbin Valley.
By detox, I mean, visually, socially, and physically! You’ll find out more here.


Nestled in Currumbin Valley, my eyeballs were in for a treat because the place was stunning, and the air was very fresh. You get the plants and rivers every where and chirping of birds in the background. It is a bit of a steep hike up to the cabins but it gets easier each day, and I sure love a bit of a workout in the cool weather. I love how you can choose to take the usual path, or what they call the “quiet way”, through the forest. (Psst. You are encouraged to go barefoot and feel the cool dew of the grass and soil!). Till this day the beauty of the room remains etched in my mind and I think it’ll be hard to replace. Imagine stepping onto the balcony, greeted by the sight of lush greens and mountains in the distance.

I shall leave the rest of the visual pleasure for you to explore on your own when you get there.

Without wifi, I was forced to disconnect with the digital world and truly immerse myself and observe my surroundings — It felt amazing. But fret not, every day we were given a personalised slip of activities we could do — you will NEVER be bored. The best part it, you can go for everything or none at all. Imagine flying fox right outside your bedroom, giant swing (so giant it requires 10 pax to pull), boxing classes, sound healing therapy, visit to the beach, massages, and the list goes on.


I will not share everything because it is more exciting for you to experience it yourself.  But the massages — every person is given $400 complimentary credits on massages and theraphies — is divine. The selection is wide ranging, from scrubs to Aloha Healing and even Saliva and Urine test with personalised nutritional advice. I know what you are thinking, wow, that was my exact reaction when I got there. Some personal favourites will be the 2 hour Eden Signature where I got massage, a scrub and a facial with superfoods. Trust me, the experience can hardly be explained through words or pictures. Foot reflexology was really amazing as well — the therapists are very knowledgable and taught me how to read my health and character just from the maps of my foot. 

If you’re thinking to save on the skin-pampering treatments, you can also choose to soak yourself in some of the fine imported New Zealand clay at “Club Mud” and listen to birds chirp away. Skin becomes instantly smoother. Don’t worry, your bikinis are safe and will not be stained!


As a fitness trainer it was really eye-opening and I picked up not only nutritional advice from the treatments, but also physical techniques to stretch, cue, and train the body from the fitness classes that ranged from boxing to Zuu to yoga. 


On certain days when I decide to slow things down further, I just grab one of their picnic mats, a cuppa hot tea from the wide detoxing range (throat-soothing tea, my favourite!) and lay down on the vast fields. The July wind is gentle and temperature just right — an experience like no other.


Physical pleasure also comes in the form of food. Goodbye alcohol and artificial sugars — you will find none here!  All 5 meals of the day are provided and the dishes are made of colours of the rainbow. You’ll never expect healthy food to be THIS delicious (and beautiful). Really, I will leave it to your tastebuds to enjoy the fun.


Sounds a little far-fetched, but something in me really shifted after this retreat. The experience is unreal. It was beautiful is so many ways, but ultimately I learnt the beauty of slowing life down, and left Eden feeling much stronger and recharged.

Let Eden Health Retreat take you on a experience you will never forget!

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