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Top 5 Holiday Inspirations

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2019 is coming to an end soon and we’re updating our holiday inspirations because we know you are excited to end the year with an awesome getaway and of course, Be Good To Yourself ! One of my favorite things about travel be it a short weekend getaway or wellness retreats, is that you get to go out there explore a new place, and re-discover yourself. Travel is also very much about the inner and outer. When you give yourself the opportunity for self-awareness and self-discovery through travel, you will realize that you can easily traverse the world within and around you.

1.Kids Retreat

Thinking you can blast off with your kids? Why not? 

Designed for students from all corners of the world, Les Elfes Camps offer unique and enriching experiences to young people from 7 to 18 years old.

It is a holiday that combines the discovery and practice of exciting new sports and activities with learning and brushing up on languages.

At Les Elfes every guest is a young adult, with each and every one expressing his or her individuality within a truly international circle. Children and teenagers come from over 60 different countries to have an unforgettable holiday trying new sports and activities, discovering other cultures and making new friends.

From the program of activities to the quality of accommodation, sports instructors, language teachers and administrators, everything has been provided for so that you can entrust your children to their care with a feeling of security. They will return with fantastic everlasting memories of their holidays, whether in spring, summer or winter.

2. Yoga and wellness retreats

Discover the world of wellness as Om & Away curates retreats for you. There’s always an option depending on your skill and interest level.  We would totally recommend Escape Haven in beautiful Bali.

Escape Haven invites you to experience an unparalleled luxury wellness journey. Spend seven days partaking in a perfect mix of rejuvenating yoga classes and exhilarating surfing sessions.

Enjoy being nurtured and pampered, free from the responsibilities of daily life, with an experienced team of 40 dedicated staff to look after your every need. This exclusive retreat allows you to unwind and recharge your batteries in breathtaking paradise.

3. Eco and sustainable travel

Sustainability starts with where you stay. And choosing to staying at these eco friendly places means that you are helping play your part in reducing environment impact. Here are some of our favorites:

4. Find your balance and improve your personal health

The pressures and demands of our professional, social and family lives can create an imbalance to the quality of our life and our personal health. At Asaya Rosewood Phuket, they understand these imbalances happen and have carefully designed wellness programs to help you re-engage with the loss of that synergy and balance in your life. They combine personal wellness with fitness and nutrition to ensure we have effective and results-oriented programming. These longer-stay wellness journeys are your own private journey to understanding yourself and how to ensure you are living at an optimal level always.  Their packages include a healthy cooking class and hands-on demonstrations led by our professional chefs to improve your culinary skills and teach you new techniques to adapt your cooking to a healthier lifestyle.

5. Connect with Nature

Ayus Wellness is a wellness experience company centered in the Borneo rainforest at Mulu, Borneo, East Malaysia.

With the Ayus Wellness Experience (AWE), guests will immerse themselves in the magnificent beauty of Mulu’s primeval rainforest, a UNESCO World Heritage site, while enjoying wellness journeys inspired by Borneo indigenous knowledge of Nature, nutrition and healing.

The Ayus Wellness Experience (AWE) involves bringing wilderness into wellness experiences, and bringing wellness journeys into the wilderness. It is a time to reconnect with Nature, re-balance, renew and transform from deep within. Find out more about this amazing Clarity Peace of Mind Retreat here.

Be Good To Yourself

Om & Away Co’s Founder

Elaine Soh 

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