Sense of Rakxa Retreat, Thailand

RAKxa is located on the lush and shielded Bang Krachao island, situated just opposite Bangkok along the Chao Phraya River. It’s conveniently accessible, being only an hour away from both Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang International Airports. Here, you can embrace a serene natural sanctuary that offers a peaceful escape from the city, all while remaining well-connected. Your journey towards complete well-being commences within this picturesque setting.

Whether you’ve prioritized maintaining your health and preventing illnesses for a long time, or you’re just embarking on your path to wellness, our team of specialists is here to provide you with guidance and support.

The journey to healing starts with gaining a deep understanding of yourself. Our diverse team of experts will conduct thorough diagnostics to assess your current condition, and a dedicated advisor will collaborate with you to create a personalized plan tailored to help you achieve your specific health objectives. Embark on a transformative journey that leads you towards embracing well-being as a fundamental aspect of your life.


  • Health and Wellness Consultation
  • RAKxa Functional Fitness Assessment
  • Doctor Consultation
  • RAKxa Relaxing Massage 50 min
  • RAKxa Stress Release Treatment 80 min
  • Mindfulness Meditation 50 min
  • Private Tai Chi 50 min
  • Zen Na Tai 50 min
  • Marma Healing Massage 50 min
  • Scalp Massage 45 min
  • Medical Treatments

(Choices: Profacial/ Physio Treatment Session / Immune Myer IV / Beauty Refresh IV / Metabolism Booster IV / Blood Ozone IV / Whole Body Light Therapy / Cryosauna / Hyperbaric Chamber / Colon Hydrotherapy / Peripheral Magnetic Stimulation (PMS) / Tesla Former / Toxic Metal Profile (Urine))

  • Round-trip airport transfer
  • Overnight stay in Garden Villa
  • Three wellness meals and an afternoon tea set per person on a daily basis
  • Complimentary healthy drinks, herbal tea and fresh seasonal fruits provided in the Villa
  • Complimentary access to the gym and daily fitness activities
  • Complimentary access to hydrotherapy area, including vitality pool, cold plunge pool, steam room, sauna and experience shower


  • Other wellness treatments that are not listed in the inclusion


RAKxa’s approach to wellness cuisine revolves around the core focus on ingredients. We place a significant emphasis on understanding the origins of each ingredient, delving into the historical context of each dish, recognizing the importance of seasonality, and promoting the advantages of sustainable eating practices. These essential elements are thoughtfully integrated into our dietary program, with the aim of guiding you toward achieving optimal gut health.


Every villa at RAKxa is designed to cultivate profound tranquility and relaxation. The living areas are thoughtfully crafted to encourage leisurely activities such as peaceful introspection and private yoga sessions. Earthy color schemes throughout the spaces create a soothing atmosphere for your senses to indulge in. The bedrooms are adorned with blackout curtains, setting the stage for a rejuvenating night’s rest. In the morning, draw these curtains open to unveil your private garden, an ever-evolving ecosystem ready for your exploration. At RAKxa, experience a reconnection with your body’s innate natural rhythm.

Garden Villa
Tucked into a stretch of lush, tropical greenery, the Garden Villa will immerse you in tranquillity. It features a bedroom designed for restful sleep, an adjoining living room and a terrace overlooking an enchanting enclave of nature.



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