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A Wellness Journey at Fusion Maia – Danang, a review by Om & Away 

photo credits: fusion maia

A steadfast popular way to pamper yourself is going on a wellness vacation to somewhere that doesn’t quite look like home but feels like everything your soul needs.

As much as we love going on vacation with our close-knitted friends and family, a certain ‘allure of the unknown’ always lingers and inspires us to get out of our comfort zone to somewhere new and fascinating. Some of us seek adventure and thrills while some of us hope to find peace and tranquility, away from our usual busy routine and old habits.

Traveling from Singapore, I arrived at the Da Nang International airport and immediately spotted my name on placard held up by Fusion Maia resort driver – it’s always nice to be greeted by people who are expecting you.

The drive to this wellness resort on a private stretch of Da Nang’s beach front was seamless. Only 15 minutes away from the airport!

I was warmly welcome by the staffs at the reception, and I was told that I was specially assigned a Fusionista- A Fusionista at Fusion Maia is someone who is dedicated to ensure you have an amazing time at the resort. It is such a lovely idea to assign a Fusionista to help and guide guests during their vacation, something very unique that I have never personally experienced anywhere before.

As I sipped my refreshing glass of hibiscus lime basil welcome drink at the hushed pastel-coloured reception area, I couldn’t help but feel amazed (and a little overwhelmed, in a good way) by the extensive Spa Menu which offers a plethora of treatments that reflect the unique wellness rituals of the South East Asian region. Fusion Maia Spa is set in idyllic tropical gardens with a swimming pool. From the holistic Energy healing experiences to the soothing Inner Beauty Rituals, as well as the awakening Mindful Body Works – I really had a hard time to choosing which is my favourite. Each of their carefully crafted treatment had its own strong suits and therapeutic aspects. I thought to myself: was there any way that I could try everything?!

I knew I was in for a treat.

Spa treatments have always seemed like a luxury to me, but after three days of treatments, I felt like a new woman and better understand the role these therapy treatments can play in wellness.

In addition to their all-inclusive spa, the resort vibrates positivity their rustic interiors- a perfect balance between rough and comforting. This design style highlights the authentic beauty of natural materials, celebrates unfussy tastes and simply makes us feel at home. Most importantly, the staff radiates positivity with their kindness and bubbly personalities. They go the extra mile in making their guests feel happy and comfortable. And it works.

Whilst writing this article, the words from the very lovely Michelle, General Manager of Fusion Maia keep ringing at the back of my mind. I had the utmost pleasure to meet Michelle. She shared so many inspiring experiences and stories about her journey in building Fusion Maia with her team. One of the things that Michelle shared and resonated with me a lot was their amazing philosophy – breakfast anytime anywhere. Even though 90% of the people still wake up early enough to have buffet breakfast but the feeling that you have to is what blocks you. Fusion Maia tries to take away all these triggers of stress. How thoughtful is that?!

With their easygoing anywhere anytime breakfast, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day here relaxing, reading, dreaming and participating in the early morning beachside yoga class choreographed to the day’s wellness theme. And of course, I love waking up to sunrise, grabbing a fresh coconut and going for dips in the turquoise sea and infinity pool. In all honesty, there was so much peace and stillness within me- something that I always have to seek so hard for when I’m living a fast-paced lifestyle in Singapore.

One month on: I am still reminiscing my rejuvenating experience on the stunning beach front. I would not hesitate to head back to the resort and I would absolutely recommend it to my friends and family. It is not easy to enjoy a wellness resort with such a dedicated and passionate wellness philosophy in place- and for that reason alone, it is worth checking-in to.

Like what my passionate Fusionista Tho, said, this wellness experience is an emotional one. It can only be felt with the heart- that sense of peace and vitality throughout the resort cannot be seen on paper. You cannot see it by reading this blog post. The only way to go is to experience it yourself; feel it wholly. Only when you have immersed yourself in a blissful wellness experience, you will know what I mean.

Discover what Fusion Maia Resort is all about here: and experience it for yourself. I invite everyone to join me on this wellness journey, and I look forward to listening to your stories of letting go and to be good to yourself.

With love,

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