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What are wellness, health, yoga retreats and how do I book one?

There are boundless types of retreats. What is a Yoga Retreat and its Different Types? From Yoga Retreats in Bali and India, we break it down for you. Are all fitness retreats the same? No, they aren't. [...]

Packing List Firstly, you would want to suss out the temperature and weather of the retreat location. Pack all the clothes you would need to protect you from the cold, or swim in the ocean. Do pack your medicines, vitamins, sunblock, mosquito repellants and your basic necessities. Do pack your cameras and phones to document your trip., do not forget the charging cables and a universal plug. Very import for some, is a journal. You would find some time to journal on your retreat, and it would be so very much more special. Here is a sample packing list Clothes Tops… [...]

Here are two ways to find the perfect retreat for you. We covered some other factors that may influence the choice of retreat for you. [...]