Yoga Retreat In Thermana Lako

Yoga is a science of life and the oldest system of a holistic personal development, covering the body, the mind and the soul. It is based on the five fundamental principles: proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, a proper diet, and positive thinking and meditation. Yoga is a unique method that combines movement with breathing and meditation techniques which calm the mind and rebalance you emotionally. Yoga is also inseparably connected to ayurveda.
Why yoga?
– Increases mental and physical well-being.
– Improves the ability to concentrate and focuses on breathing.
– Strengthens the immune system and improves circulation.
– Increases physical strength, flexibility, and stamina.
– Pain relief and strengthens the muscles.
– Yoga reduces stress.
– Yoga puts you in a good mood and strengthens your self-confidence.
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Price Includes

  • Unlimited entrance to thermal swimming pools
  • Unlimited access to the sauna centre
  • Consultation with the Specialist in Ayurvedic Medicine (60 Min.)
  • 2x daily individual yoga class with the Indian yoga master Pratheep
  • Daily entrance to fitness studio
  • Thermal water drinking
  • Bathrobe for adults
  • Free Wi-Fi in the hotel
  • Animation, recreation and relaxation program
  • 30 % discount on all additional ayurveda services

Discount for children
Children up to 4,99 years in bed with parents free of charge; children between 5–9,99 years: 25 €/day (in 2019: 28 €); children between 10–13,99 years: 35 €/day (in 2019: 38 €). Yoga-Program does not apply for children.
Additional yoga classes for children or family yoga are possible for a surcharge of 16 € per hour.


Hotel Thermana Park Laško**** Superior is a modern, comfortable and sophisticated hotel that will completely fulfill your expectations. Built-in 2012, it represents one of the recent additions of luxury to the new complex along the banks of the Savinja River.

Hotel Thermana Park Laško is a modern hotel, which follows the principles of chromotherapy or color therapy. Chromotherapy is a treatment technique that uses a variety of light spectra with a view to healing the body as a whole. All colors or lights have an effect on our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Each floor of the hotel offers rooms in different colors. You can choose between orange, which promotes cleansing of the body and regulates the life force, beige, which regulates hormone activities stimulates intuition, and increasing abundance in all areas blue, which activates the center of expression and purifies feelings, and green, which promotes self-healing of the body, invigorates, gives energy and strength, stimulates and clears the mind.



3 Days 260 €
4 Days 370 €
5 Days 480 €
6 Days 590 €
8 Days 790 €



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