Founded in 2016 and based in Singapore, Om & Away is the first interactive wellness travel portal in Asia that serves wellness lovers all over the world. Our motto, “Be good to yourself” embodies our mission in treating yourself well both internally and externally; at home or during holidays.

With more than 150 curated retreats from over 30 resort partners, this interactive platform connects you to the desired holiday you need and makes your booking easy and hassle free.

Om & Away has something for everyone – be it a first time experience or a retreat veteran. We believe individuals need to rejuvenate and renew themselves; challenge their fitness levels and bond with family and friends. We feel that this vision coincides with what all of us need now, and we are helping you achieve this goal.

Founders Om & Away

Charlyn Ding

Founder and CEO

Charlyn has been a wellness entrepreneur ever since she hung-up her heels when she left the corporate world. She drives the company’s vision and strategy as she believes that modern jet setters have become tired of their usual shopping trips and surface skimming tourist experience. She wants your wellness vacation to be big on serenity and low on stress; and more importantly to find your inner peace.

Elaine Soh

Co-Founder, Chief of Business Development

Elaine professional career spanned 10 years in investments and hospitality and she spent most of her career traveling for work. A spa trip to recharge left her exploring and searching for destination retreats over the years. Feeling overwhelmed by her options, she felt the need to curate the industry. Elaine pursue strategic opportunities and implements growth for Om & Away.

Tiara Shaw

Co-Founder, Strategic Alliances and Media Relations

Tiara is a multi-sector entrepreneur and oversees the PR/Media strategy of the company. She’s personally experience transformative health benefits from wellness retreats. She wants to get this message across, shape opinions and increase public awareness about the wellness sector.

Marc Dass

Marketing Partner

Om & Away has a new collaborative partner, SoulScape Asia. Together in this partnership, we seek to take wellness marketing to greater heights.