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What are the different types of Fitness Retreats?

There are a whole spectrum of fitness retreats. 

  • Pilates Retreats in Bali,
  • Muay Thai retreats in Thailand, 
  • Crossfit Retreats, 
  • Beachbody Retreats to name a few.

There are specialised retreats – 

  • Weight-loss retreats, where the aim is to enable you to lose weight. You will be put on a program, which includes a customised diet and workout routine just for you. 
  • Sports Recovery Retreats at Thanyapura allows your body to recover from sports injuries and train at the same time.

Many wellness retreats in Thailand also offer an element of Muay Thai to complement the offerings, as Thai boxing is part of Thai Culture.

I have been on a fitness retreat at Chai Talay Retreats where they offer 16 different types of classes over that 5 days! It covered Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness, Tabata, Hiit, Crossfit, Pool Hiit, TRX, fascia workshops, etc. It was so much fun!

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