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Shreyas Yoga Retreat welcomes you to a journey of self-discovery. Located in Bangalore, India and is undeniably one of the finest Yoga Retreats in around the world.

Bangalore enjoys moderate climate throughout the year and one can visit this magnificent city at any time of the year with utmost ease.

October to February: The winter months in Bangalore are the best time to visit the city. With 10°C the possible lowest temperature of the entire season. Do bring a light jacket as it may get chilly at nightfall.

March to May: After the winter season, Summer here is pleasant as temperature is a between 25°C  odd to 36°C .

June to September: Monsoons begin by the end of May and come with mild to heavy rainfall. August and September can see heavy showers but may still continue to proceed your activities as planned. Just remember your umbrella!

In their Yoga retreat packages, traditional Yoga classes at Shreyas are conducted by their experienced instructors, based on both traditional Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Their teachers are unique, steeped in ancient knowledge and also trained in modern teaching methods. All classes are adapted for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

In addition, there are a twice daily group classes and one meditation session that are included in the stay for all guests. For those who wish to explore different aspects of the yoga practice, there are sessions teaching Pranayama (understanding and regulating our breath), Pratyahara (withdrawal / internalization of sensory inputs), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation).

Image Credit: Shreyas Yoga Retreat

Though known for their Yoga retreat,  Shreyas also offers an array for your personal interest such as Silent retreat, Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Retreat, Joy of Giving, Weight Management and Culinary Retreat.

One of the special retreat that is really special is the Joy of Giving retreat, guests not only get to experience authentic massages and the primary benefits of a wellness retreat, you will also get to tour in their local town and village and learn local crafts. One key take-away from this retreat is the “The Joy of Giving” as you will spend time away from your bustling life to give back  to the society by cooking and teaching at the nearby orphanage.

Image Credit: Shreyas Yoga Retreat

As we swing into a promising 2017 in good health and exciting opportunities, allow yourself that time for yourself to give back to society.

You may find out more about the retreats they offer here.

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