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What is a Yoga Retreat and its Different Types?

What is a Yoga Retreat like?

 If you are reading this page, you must have heard someone mention going on a yoga retreat, or have seen it on Instagram. Now you are tempted to go on one!

Yoga Retreats are not complex at all really. You pluck yourself out of your routine for a week typically or a weekend if you fancy and plonk yourself in a beautiful island resort or a mountain hideout. You do yoga at least once a day, with other complimentary activities like mediation, or hikes or cleanses. You eat healthy and meet lovely friends!

What are the benefits of a Yoga Retreat?

  1. You get some time to work on yourself.
  2. You get to dive deeper in your yoga practice.
  3. You get to cleanse your body, mind and enrich your soul.
  4. You will meet some life-long friends.
  5. You get to explore a new city and have an amazing holiday.
  6. You come back home with an amazing glow from within.

What are the different types of Yoga Retreats?

Here are some types of pure Yoga Retreats; 

  • Yin Yoga Retreats
  • Ashtanga Yoga Retreats
  • Yoga retreats for beginners
  • Aryuveda Retreats. This is a total re-jig of the body through Aryuvedic methods.

More popular ones are a mix of Yoga and other activities:

  • Yoga and Surf retreats, 
  • Yoga and Hiking retreats, 
  • Yoga and Detox Retreats, 
  • Spa and Yoga Retreats, 
  • Yoga retreats and Meditation. 

There are more unique ones like Yoga and Art Therapy Retreats, Yoga and Wine Retreats, and Dance and Yoga Retreats. Here are the best yoga retreats in Bali, Thailand and India.

Generally, alot of yoga retreats are bundled in with other activities, and will be very fun. Do research on wellness retreats, and have a browse!

Am I ready for a Yoga Retreat?

Yes you are! 

Most yoga retreats are multi-level, so whether you have been practicing for 10 years, or you have just started, the teachers will work with you at every level.

So you most definitely are ready for one!

Should I look for friends or go alone?

Either way, you will have the most fun. Grab your best friend to have company on the retreat. Or have your well deserved “me” time, and make some friends along the way! Let yourself see where this journey takes you!

So hesitate no further, book yourself intoone now. Have any more burning questions, shoot us one now! Email!

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