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What are the different types of Mindfulness and Meditation Retreats?

There comes a time when we feel like taking a break from it all and get our minds cleared out. Then we think on going on a meditation retreat. What is the difference between a meditation and a mindfulness retreat?

Meditation involves you letting your mind focus on “nothing” perhaps just breathe, or a candle flame; whereas Mindfulness is a practice where you are focusing on “the thing” that you are doing.

On Meditation retreats, the teacher leads you on different meditation techniques, perhaps guided meditation, breath work, single point focus. The aim is to empty your mind of thoughts, that leads to positivity and peace. It can also include mindfulness meditations. On Mindfulness Retreats, you will be led to be more aware and mindful – of the things that you are doing, of the people around you, etc. To focus on “the present”. There will be exercises to train your mind through mindful mediations and mindful eating for example.

Those who are new to mediation, it can be rather intimidating. The first meditation retreat I went on, was so gentle. The teacher had the most pleasant voice, and the guided meditations she took us on, brought me to heaven. There was a candlelight meditation where we all focussed on our own candle. It might seem daunting at the start, but it get easier, especially at a meditation retreat with a good teacher!

Silent Retreats are where you give your voice a break, and stay silent for a week. 

The journey would be inward, where you will go on a personal journey. There will be meditation sessions, meals will be served to you while you are seated facing vast padi fields and not across another person. An experience one should try once in their lifetimes.

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