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Vacations are Over

Vacations are a thing of the past. If you don’t think so, take a moment and consider if you can make to to the airport without an anxiety attack over whether or not we remembered to pack the battery chargers required to “get away from it all?” If this seems like an exaggeration, remember back to the last time your phone went dead and you had a colorful outburst while locating a charger.  

We are plugged in to the point of no escape and that is not a good thing. It means we are suspended in potential work mode 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. How did it come to this? All of us have parents who went on vacations to unplug from work. We go on vacations to unplug from one place and replug into another. Our phones morphed into computers and made a traveling circus of workers out of all of us.

Employers and health professionals know that human beings who take breaks from their work routines are happier and perform better in the long term. Is is hard to imagine how to do this in today’s world. With a little knowledge and insight, we can plan a vacation escape but we have to learn the new rules of the road.

Retreats have your wellness in mind. Vacation resorts have making money in mind.  

Retreats are designed to enhance relaxation and rejuvenation. Vacation resorts are designed to distract and redirect you to nearby shopping. Retreats invite you to step out of the daily grind of the material world.

When you go to a retreat, you step into an environment that beats to the rhythm of the natural world. There is no better way to unplug from your phone and computer — although you don’t have to, retreats offer a sanctuary They are a space where you easily can disconnect.  

Where to find the best selection Retreats

You want to look for a retreats in secluded, serene destinations that specialise in what you are after. Om and Away is an excellent resources pinpointing this. They showcase a number of wellness focused retreats. Their programs are flexible and many can be shaped to fit different lengths of time as well as interests.

Wellness Retreats

For example take Valerie Grace for BREAKTHROUGH – Holistic Success Secret Retreat. Grace’s retreat runs for four days during which she encourages participants to address what they are not satisfied with in their life and learn methods to achieve their dreams. From 5th -8th April  2018, you can combine Yoga, Massage and healing at a boutique studio with yoga instructor, Brandon whose Restore + Balance Retreat puts enhanced focus on relaxation.

Pilates Retreat

Pilates, Pranay runs from January to December. It is designed for stays of different lengths—three, five or seven nights—with therapies focused on different purposes.Our Rejuvenation programme focuses on the mind, body and spirit.

Detox Retreat

Treat yourself to a Signature Detox Retreat on the Island of Healing fill where your body will be filled with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and your head with vital knowledge about healthy living. They offer days to retreat year-around that focus on Cleansing, Colon Therapy, Detox Yoga, Fitness, Liver Flush, Massage, Meditation.

Recharge Retreat

If you are keen for something more physically challenging, check out Reshape & Recharge Retreat. Sessions run from 1 – 2 weeks all of which is spent addressing weight loss through long term lifestyle changes.

Destress Retreat

To destress, from January – December there is a miraculous Stress Management retreat that offers a combination of beauty and spa treatments, accompanied by a personalised menu created by our resident experts, the goal is to bring back your vibrancy.

Women’s only Retreats

An all women’s retreat exists! Bali Goddess Retreat runs from 6 days and 7 nights during which you are treated to a paradise full of transformative yoga sessions, decadent spa treatments and a health and wellbeing program that will spark your spirit and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

A Retreat from everything else

If you have nothing in particular in mind, Amatara Spa Revive, is your answer. The retreat is ideal for anyone looking to have a beautiful, relaxing, healthy holiday, for the simple pleasure of getting away from it all and without a particular health goal in mind other than to rest, rediscover oneself, and rejuvenate.


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