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Relaxing is the key to doing anything well. The reason? When you are relaxed, you become fully present. Being fully present is the key to manifesting whatever you choose. When you take time out for a retreat, you learn practices that train you to relax deeply.

A robust wellness retreat addresses the whole human package. Emphasis is on going deeper into the whole being–including the psychological process–which gives clarity when making life choices. You will learn to access inner wisdom through mindfulness and awareness. A quality wellness program will give you tools and daily practices to facilitate dialogue with this deeper wisdom current so that it becomes part of your daily life. Check out these 5 Essential wellness retreat at Om & Away and Be Good To Yourself!

Stone Light 5-Day Yoga Retreat – Greece

Stone & Light Retreat
Stone & Light Retreat

Join us at Stone Light Retreat in Greece to experience the Grounding and the Inner Calm. It is this strength that allows us to stay mentally, emotionally and physically steady, even in difficult times. This special retreat is held in a picturesque village of Ιtilo. Be immersed in a village of well-preserved stone-houses, stone paths and old byzantine churches (like the temple of Virgin Mary’s Dormition, or the church of Saint George). Ιtilo was known from the Mycenaean era as one of the nine Achaic cities governed by Menelaos.

Benefits of this retreat:
A series of five grounding morning yoga classes (Iyengar/vinyasa) to help you feel rooted in your sense of center, while you cultivate spaciousness within.

Calm afternoon yoga classes, in order to feel yourself expanding toward the sun while drawing this energy to your center. All classes end with basic pranayama techniques and meditation to ensure that you absorb all the benefits of your practice.

The daily activity will be related to this ancient human mystic connection to the tree of wisdom: you will visit olive groves, perform meditative walks, gather olives, perform meditative sessions under these precious trees and open ourselves up to the energy of the grove. Discover this grounding and calming retreat here!

7 Days Surf and Yoga Retreat in Nusa Lembongan

Islah Indah Retreat
Islah Indah Retreat

A unique retreat experience awaits you at Islah Indah Retreat in Nusa Lembongan, a tranquil island off Bali. Come and enjoy the crystal clear turquoise water, marvellous white beaches, colorful corals on the magical, laid back island of Nusa Lembongan. It is just a 30 minute boat ride away from the busy life of Bali. Some of the activities in this retreat are:

6 yoga and meditation classes (1h30 each)
3 surf lessons with highly experienced instructors (2.5h each)
1 Balinese massage treatment (1h)
1 snorkeling trip with majestic manta rays (4h)

Experience yoga, surf and snorkelling all in one retreat! A retreat on this serene island off Bali will bring you home recharged and ready to take on the year! Discover this magical retreat here!

Yoga Soul Camp Palawan

Yoga Soul Camp
Yoga Soul Camp

Experience a week or a long weekend of pure relaxation and rejuvenation in pure Phillipino paradise. At Kaibigan Yoga Soul Camp, the only resort in the bay of Cabuyao, a small fishing village in the Philippines on the west coast of Palawan Island. Here we will take care of your wellbeing.

You are invited to enjoy daily Meditation, dynamic and mindful Vinyasa Flows, body explorations and Yin Yoga with Antje as your guide.

Explore Palawans’ rustic island-life and its lush and stunning countryside. Take in the wonderful sounds of nature. Spend your time swimming, snorkelling, hiking to waterfalls. Or simply recharge while reading a book at the beach, all with a breathtaking view over the majestic, blue ocean. Come on a soulful journey, deepen your practice and learn more about yourself.

Experience an authentic island getaway, nourish your body with divine organic food and tropical fruits, a beach garden oasis to relax in. Starting and rounding off the days you will be guided through balanced asana practice which will warm, soften and open the pranic channels of the body and the mind, leaving it ripe and ready to receive the divine fruits of your practice.

Beginners with some experience and seasoned practitioners alike, all are welcome to join. Though beginners, we advise you to take at least 10 classes at any of your local studios before deciding to join this or any Yoga adventure.

This program makes us very popular so get in quick. Spots for both retreats are limited to 10 participants only, so get registered soon! We always book up early and we’d love to be able to fit you in!

Book your place for your Yoga Soul Camp at Kaibigan Soul Camp on Palawan today!

Empowerment Family Retreat by Jolie, Canvass

Canvass' Family Retreat
Canvass’ Family Retreat

This is a chance to BE with your family in nature and indulge in daily yoga, art jamming sessions and mindfulness meditations. The Family Yoga Retreat gives us time and space for a family to “be” together with a digital detox.

Helmed by Jolie Michelle Leow, the founder of Canvass Singapore, this weekend will see the children spend precious one-on-one time with her. They are in attentive childcare in the mornings, during which parents have time for yoga, brunch and treatments. Afternoons are free to enjoy together, with activities for kids and evening sharing circles for parents to restore and heal.

Each morning all the children are taken care of in the villa vicinity, by an empathetic group of Balinese women who do balinese crafts, games, hooping with them, and engage them in everything from artwork to jewellery making. The spacious courtyard garden will provide toys and equipment and a joy to see.

Every class helps the family to feel connected to themselves, and expect to enjoy music and drumming by Balinese facilitators who will share their deep-rooted spirit of the ancient Balinese culture. Some of the topics include:

  • Friendships, relationships
  • Self-esteem, body awareness
  • Forgiving mistakes
  • Expressing loving and kind thoughts

Open your heart, body and mind through Yoga, Art, and Meditation to awaken joy, love and abundance.

This is a time for you to pause for a moment, stay true to you, to feel joyful and free in your practice, with Jolie and three other families in a beautiful environment that feels sacred, magical and safe.

Discover this empowering retreat here!

Les Elfes Summer Camp for Kids and Teens

Les Elfes Summer Camp
Les Elfes Summer Camp

Summer Camps are great to learn that all important element of independence, and quite simply to have fun away from home! At Les Elfes, the Summer Camps in Verbier, Switzerland provide more than just great activities and experiences.

Les Elfes introduces life long skills such as communicating with peers, without your phone or laptop,  understanding the value of living in a community away from the familiar environment of home or school. Of course there are massive benefits to learning a new activity such as Mountain Biking or Rock Climbing, and gains from the tailored Leadership and Career Guidance programs, but  having a break from the academic cycle of school and putting fun, creativity and excitement on a daily basis as the priority is where the strength in summer camp lies.

At Les Elfes every guest is a young adult, with each and every one expressing his or her individuality within a truly international circle. Children and teenagers come from over 60 different countries to have an unforgettable holiday trying new sports and activities, discovering other cultures and making new friends.

Discover this fun and exciting kids summer camp here!

Discover more amazing retreats at Om & Away. Or email us at for more deets!

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