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Om in the City Breakthrough! Workshop with Valerie Grace

On 9 September 2017, Holistic Success Coach Valerie Grace successfully hosted Om in the City BREAKTHROUGH! workshop, in collaboration with Ah Hua Kelong and Bar Stories.

Valerie shared on her personal transformation through the healing powers of fermenting food and self-development, and how it has helped her touch the lives of many women seeking holistic empowerment.

Needless to say, we all had an amazing and enriching experience learning about the benefits of probiotics. Valerie shared dishes that were all very delicious and we hope more people can come to embrace the holistic value that probiotic foods can offer for the human body.

A few bits of feedback from our lovely guests:

“Meeting interesting like-minded people. Like the idea of Probiotic education.” – Victoria

“Sincere, simple presentations from passionate professionals” – Ruy

It was personal; meaningful time to talk to the creators of dish/ cocktails. Sharing was priceless. Thanks” – Valerie

Om in the City welcomes you to try out our bespoke wellness experiencesFor those of you that need a getaway who a typical holiday won’t satisfy, there is always one that we can create just for you. 

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