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5 Amazing Retreats Off The Beaten Path

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Peace, silence, and nothing but nature all around you. How great does that sound for a great holiday?

Om & Away is all about going away to get your “om” on. But where are the best places to go? Bali, Thailand, Vietnam are famous places for wellness retreats. While they are excellent retreats in those countries, there are many other unique places around the world that are perfect for a wellness holiday, why not try someplace new?

Here, we cover some retreats in Morocco, Peru, Namibia, Sri Lanka and even a chocolate retreat!

Discover these off-the-beaten-path destinations to have the most mindful time of your life

1) Surf Yoga Retreat in Beautiful Morocco

The sound of the sea, the Moroccan sun warming your body and the ocean and mountains as your backdrop – experience the practice of yoga in a beautiful, authentic environment.

We believe that yoga and surfing go hand in hand. Our daily Vinyasa flow yoga sessions will help you to relax and stretch your body, whilst calming the mind, building strength and leaving you feeling refreshed and energised! Suitable for all levels, our yoga sessions are small provide a mix of practices for a personal feel.

Check this Moroccan retreat out here.

2) Namaste Yoga Safari

Namaste Yoga Safari offers you several unique ways to enjoy the soul of Namibia and explore its diverse wonders – combining mindfulness, restoration, renewal, relaxation, self-reflection and inspiration.

Travelling through Namibia awakens your emotions and senses – colors become brighter, smells more intense and you taste more appreciative. The wildlife, vastness and beauty of the Namibian landscape is a place that is inspirational and that gets into your Soul, bringing peace and stillness… a place with so much energy and magic, it needs to be experienced.

Offering scheduled and customized retreats with daily yoga, meditation in nature, wildlife game viewing and adventure filled days. Yoga on Safari is truly a unique experience for yoga, nature and animal lovers looking to get in touch with their inner self.

Discover this unique experience in the wildlife here.

3) Celestial Soul Journey Retreat in Peru

For 9 magical days in May 2020, we will go on a deep transformational adventure. The Peruvian landscape will be the perfect setting for inner exploration to align ourselves with the ancient wisdom of the land. Our days will be filled with an abundance of sacred sites, gatherings, ceremonies and Light Code Activations.

Our spiritual retreats are known for providing a platform for healing and inner growth to reset and elevate into a higher state of consciousness.

Find out more about this spiritual retreat here.

Into the Heart of the Jungle Dragon Chocolate Retreat

How does Chocolate make you feel?

How does this ancient superfood stimulate creativity, happiness, and sensuality while also fuelling your body and mind?

We invite you to discover these answers for yourself while immersed in the experience of crafting with Cacao in a primordial jungle oasis. Join us in a chocolate making extravaganza, galavant with us through the wild Jungles of Belize and commune with the natural world through movement, sound, and ceremony.

Discover the benefits of chocolates and re(treat) yourself here.

4) Ayurveda Hiking Yoga Retreat 

A 3-nights, 4 days rejuvenating retreat in Sri Lanka. Our Yoga teachers lead you through soulful yoga flows and restorative yin practices daily. This retreat is open to all levels of experience, offering an immersive yoga journey with our experienced teachers.

Rukgala Retreat offers restorative jungle rejuvenation, yoga in our open-aired shala, wild lake swimming, nutritious food, and hiking in Sri Lanka’s hill country.

Learn more about the benefits of this retreat and get special discount here.

Have more questions on these unique retreats off the beaten path? Email us at and ask for your special discount code!

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