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An Ultimate Getaway in Cambodia with Navutu Dreams

Om & Away is proud to share a new wellness experience with Navutu Dreams in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The resort is the brain child of Italian sisters, Maddalena and Giovanna Morandi who are both fervent advocates of mindful living. Maddalena has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Her personal beliefs are also deeply rooted in the spiritual essence of the practice. Their first resort is the Conde Nast favorite, Navutu Stars Fiji which is known for its rustic chic vibe and has frequently appeared in the sexiest resorts of the world’s list. Navutu Stars Fiji opened 7 years before Navutu Dreams came to be.

The sisters were on a holiday in Siem Reap, a good 7 years ago. They fell in love with the place, its rich history, its culture and its deep spirituality. They were touched by the plight of the Cambodian people and the people’s resilience, good hearts. They were then inspired to build another resort in Siem Reap.

Matwork in Navutu Dreams

The inspiration was to create a unique resort that echoes their love for nature and one which will highlight their own beliefs about living mindfully. Thus, they built a resort on top of an acre and half of gardens which they dotted with 3 swimming pools, reflective of the South Pacific waters. They opted for white casitas which bear interiors of minimalist design. Each room and suite has a private garden, large bay windows looking out to the greeneries around and the floors are a combination of wood, sandstone and pebble-wash which lend an earthy feel. There is more than ample natural lighting. The ceilings are high to allow for great air circulation and solar panels are used to provide hot water in the room.

A pioneer in the wellness field in Siem Reap, it has 2 yoga studios, a destination spa, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic and a Healing Room for alternative healers. It has its own wellness team and offers daily yoga. Wellness cuisine is offered as one of the core menus of the resort.

Navutu Dreams in the evening

Every retreat with Navutu Dreams is a guided, personal journey. Our first advice is to open in answering queries about the guest’s health background and their expectations. They have the assurance that they will be looked after by professionals and that each information provided in preparation for the retreat is private.

We also advise the guest to have a positive mindset and to be excited about the prospect of going to a retreat. We have the professionals to guide them through the process. We offer upscale, superbly comfortable facilities. We can accommodate dietary requirements. We have the proper facilities and equipment. Lastly, we are in a destination that’s a bucket lister. Really all they have to do is show up.

Relaxation Activities

It would be a totally refreshing, rejuvenating experience for a tired and stressed out soul. The resort is built to be an oasis. A moniker often used by previous for online reviews. Service is highly personalized yet non-intrusive. Again, we have a team of professionals who can guide an individual through relaxing, rejuvenating, refreshing experiences at a holistic level.

Meditation at one of the peaceful temple grounds

And of course, when you come to Siem Reap, you have to experience its gems. The temples of Angkor are one of a kind. Its magnificence is never embellished. It is one of those must visits in your lifetime.

Come experience wellness and yoga at Navutu Dreams

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