2 Days Journey With The Elements, Bali

2 day retreat to boost your vitality so you feel stronger, more energised and awakened !

This retreat is suitable for beginners and intermediate practitioners.
A truly transformative yoga, calisthenics, bodyweight fitness experience that will work with the energies of the elements. The facilitator is Adam, a qualified yoga teacher and fitness trainer from the UK.

We will focus on developing and enhancing both the strength of your physical and energy body. The retreat will conclude with a beautiful Cacao ceremony. You will learn skills and techniques that you can take back to the world of the hustle bustle that will make you more emotionally and physically durable and also to create balance and longevity.

At the same time you will be able to relax, release and enjoy the calm, peaceful, serene environment of Bali’s paddy fields, surrounded by luscious green and away from the busy roads and streets.

The retreat will focus on classes designed to cultivate the energies of elements inside you:

The Earth flow 
Earth represents a number of values and ideals that can be associated with stability, building foundations, abundance and family. In the world of physical and spiritual vitality and well being this can easily be translated into exercises.Earth based exercises would focus on strength conditioning, slower movements when performing reps and furthermore an emphasis core stability and building leaner muscle. We will use the disciplines of yoga, calisthenics, pilates and gymnastics for a truly enlightening earth based workout! This will include a beginners handstands and hand-balancing session!

The Fire Flow
The fire element can often be associated with power, passion, freedom, energetic activity, creativity and dynamism. In the realms of achieving physical health and longevity, we will focus on body expressions that promote speed, explosive power and a faster metabolism.This can help with immune system and body fat reduction. We will use the disciplines of yoga, dance and plyometrics.

The Air Flow
Lightness, creativity and imagination; these are values that come to mind when the ancients thought about the element of air, In recent decades there has been much research in neuroscience to study the effects of the breathe on the central nervous system and the brain.

Breathework is the emphasis here, and by mastering and manipulating the breathe in various ways the human body can achieve hyper states of awareness, clarity and even self realisation. Many of the techniques you will learn will be developed from thousands of years of yoga and chi kung practices.

The Water Flow 
The famous teaching from the Samurai warrior Musashi was be like water. In essence, water focuses fluidity, adaptability, change and flow. Here we will bring our attention on flexibility and mobility.
Dynamic mobility through yoga vinyasa and animal flow will be combined with longer yin yoga positions to achieve more suppleness, creating more space and fluidness in your body. That in itself can allow energy to flow for life and various activities.

The Ether Ceremony 
Here will will really connect with the spiritual element, that which brings us in tune with essence, linking a bridge between the material and that which is perhaps beyond us. You will take part in a wonderful cacao ceremony where you will experience the power of Shamanic healing with an initiated Ecuadorian shaman facilitator in a safe environment. You will enjoy an uplifting experience that will help you release blocks, open the heart, find your truth and recognise patterns and enhance your intuition and creativity.


November 2023 – March 2024

  • 3 Vegetarian Ayurvedic meals a day
  • All meditation and yoga/fitness classes
  • A Cacao ceremony
  • Taxes


  • Extra meals available at the resorts facilities
  • Alcohol
  • Flights and transport. (The facilitator and resort can provide details for drivers)


Vegetarian Food will be served at this retreat


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