A unique experience at Bhutan Yoga Retreat

What enters your mind when you think about Bhutan? 
Dramatic landscape, breath-taking sceneries or the explicit positive outlook of life in the people?

Well, it could be very much all of the above. This week, we speak to Pasa Ugyel, Manager of Bhutan Tours & Travel to share with us the experience of a Yoga Retreat in Bhutan.

When was the first time this retreat was executed?

The retreat was first conducted in 2008.

What are the best #travelbhutan moments you wish to share?

#1 Finding one’s self again when unexpected due to the powerful and meaningful moments that are very personal to each guests 

#2 Humor in simplicity and the ability to laugh at ourselves

#3 Exchanging songs and dances  

#4 Sharing the happiness and beauty of Bhutan with the guests and knowing they have been touched by the culture and people of this tiny nation.

What are guests like at the retreat? 

  • Friendly, kind, compassionate and open-minded people.
  • Active and fit 
  • Curious and well travelled 

How can guests make their experience more enriching? Eg. are there some things about the retreat they forget to use/maximize?

Come in with an open mind and heart and soak up the culture and philosophy and life in the mountains while revitalizing with daily yoga and meditation.

Describe your yoga teacher for the retreat in 3 words.
Pleasant, compassionate, adventurous and strong

On culture of the Bhutan:

What is the unique cultural element that blows people away?

Guests are usually surprised how culturally steeped we are yet very progressive on many levels. Our easygoing attitude and our humor. 

The friendliness of Bhutanese people and culture. How harmoniously we live with our surroundings and approach to life in general. 

What should guests pay attention to, to maintain respect of the locals?

Bhutanese people and culture are generally very open and hospitable. However, it is advisable to respect people space and privacy especially during temple and dzong visits. It is very important to maintain the decorum when visiting such places. And asking before taking pictures of people.

On seeking new adventures:

Who are your guides for the heritage and temple sites? What are they like?

Apart from the yoga teacher, there will be 1 to 2 guides accompanying the group throughout the trip. The guides are country experts and local problem solvers and geniuses at fixing problem on the spot. 

How else can guests fulfill their quest for adventure in an exotic destination like Bhutan?

They can just let us know and we will arrange

What’s the next destination after Bhutan that guests can explore?

Thailand, India and Nepal and Southeast Asia

Come and experience Bhutan Yoga Retreat 2018:

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