A Perfect Wildlife & Wellness Sanctuary

Photo Credits: Namaste Yoga Safari

We spoke to Marcel about this unique, customisable retreat offer at Namibia, Africa. To be honest, we have never come across anything so holistic that combines the aspects of wellness, yoga and wildlife so perfectly.  This retreat is held in the oldest desert in the World and is on one of the highest sand dunes in the World.

Marcel shares with us what inspired her to get on this journey to begin Namaste Yoga Safari Namibia.

How did Namaste Yoga Safari Namibia come about and what do you guys offer that is different from other retreats?

Photo Credits: Namaste Yoga Safari

I have travelled for numerous years all over the world, doing retreats whenever i had free time and realised that Namibia would be an amazing destination for yoga retreats, combining it while on safari. Most travellers i have also come across while travelling myself, said that Namibia must be one of the most interesting and diverse countries they have travelled to. Namibia is a country that is described to feed your Soul…and combining yoga and wildlife with this is the perfect combination for mind, body and soul. 

 What advice would you give to someone attending a retreat for the first time?

Go with an open mind and leave with an open heart…and have fun

How in your opinion would a retreat at Namaste Yoga Safari Namibia benefit a tired and stressed out soul?

Photo Credits: Namaste Yoga Safari

 Combining the mental and physical benefits of yoga, wildlife and nature, along with lots of free time, you will surely feel a deep state of relaxation.

One place to visit in Namibia, Wow, Namibia is a big country and so diverse, it is difficult to choose just one place to visit. 

Photo Credits: Namaste Yoga Safari

Etosha National Park however is a must for wildlife. For thousands of elephant and to re connect with yourself, our retreat in the Caprivi at Nambwa Tented Lodge is the one. If you want to see the main attactions, you should have a look at our 10 day retreats. For the more sporty, outdoor person, have a look at our yoga hiking retreats.

 If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?


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