5 Reasons to go to a Yoga Retreat for Your Next Holiday

Image Credit: Vagabond Temple

You probably spend time at work daydreaming about your next holiday. Maybe you dream about a beach island getaway or a week at a luxurious ski resort, but how can you reap the greatest benefit for your overall well-being in that time away? A yoga retreat may not be first to mind when it comes to your dream holiday, but it provides the relaxing escape that you want with the self-care you truly need.

Image Credit: Vagabond Temple

Rejuvenate Your Body

Whether your daily life requires you to hunch over a computer screen or stand on your feet all day, your body carries quite a bit of tension. A holiday spent simply resting can provide temporary relief, but yoga can strengthen your body to sustainably fight off discomforts from the ongoing tension. Yoga can strengthen the neck and spine, realign the body, and release tension from the shoulders and lower back, just to name a few of the physical benefits.

Most retreats serve a fresh, healthy vegetarian or vegan diet, offering your body a detox of sorts from the unhealthy, over-processed foods we’re normally surrounded by. The benefits of eating well and exercise on health and happiness are no secret, but to actually experience what it does for you can be life changing.

Deepen and Invigorate Your Practice

Over time, our personal yoga practices can become stale. Sometimes the local classes don’t teach you anything new anymore or sometimes your development simply plateaus. Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, a great way to invigorate your practice is at a yoga retreat with new challenges, new styles, new teachers, new peers, and a new setting.

A yoga retreat schedule asks you to fully immerse yourself into the yogi lifestyle. You can learn types of yoga extending beyond the asana practice typical of an average class in the western world. Classes build on top of each other and are complementary, offering you different approaches and reminders to help refine your technique.

Build Camaraderie

A significant part of the retreat experience lies in the community aspect. You can meet people from all walks of life, hear new perspectives, learn new tips, and work together. Sharing with others can provide a much-needed relief from stress, boost our strength and our immune system.

Very few environments allow us to build meaningful relationships through profound conversations and experiences, and a yoga retreat centre is just that. One of the most difficult parts of trying new things or making positive changes in your life is not having the proper environment and support around you.

Disconnect and Reflect

Oftentimes travel can be reduced to a pleasant distraction from the woes of your life. Some traveling can even add more stress to your life between the planning, the logistics of getting from one place to another, and wandering through big crowds of people to see the sights.

A yoga retreat is a sanctuary for you, designed to bring your mind back to your body and allow you to just be. Away from the stresses of a fast paced life. How often do we have the time and headspace to simply pause and reflect? To contemplate what is important to us and evaluate if we are living our lives accordingly? How often are we fully present as we savor the small moments of the world around us?

Lasting Impact

Research suggests that the positive relaxing effects we experience during the holidays disappears in as quickly as one week once we’re back to our everyday lives. A yoga retreat is designed to give you an enjoyable experience, yet teach you tools and tricks to maintain that enjoyment well past your stay.

A yoga retreat gives you a platform to sustainably build new habits, learn a new way of living your daily life, and truly reevaluate your priorities. Retreats take you deep into yoga practice and philosophy, enhancing your understanding of the holistic tradition and how to incorporate it into your life off of the mat as well as on.

Credits to : Vagabond Temple

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