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Yoga, YTT

Yoga first, Total yoga & House of Om are honoured to invite you to their upcoming yoga Bali Teacher Training, where time stops and the journey starts.

In this course you will be immersed in the ancient art of yoga, nourish your health with special detox diet and drinks and improve strength and flexibility in an environment that encourages the development of inner compassion and wisdom.

6 May – 30 May 2019


Yoga Training and practices
Meditation and special workshops
Yoga alliance teacher training certificate
2 Days of sightseeing and activities
Ayurvedic dosha test (Data. Pitta or Kapha) to enhance your health/well-being
Healthy detoxing food and drinks
24 nights accommodation with breakfast
Airport Transfers

Things to consider: 

  • Bring your own water bottle to refill it
  • Bring white clothes, swimming suit
  • Bring your own yoga mat
  • We advice to have a travel insurance that include medical coverage

Pre reading recommendation: 

  • Four chapters of freedom by Swami Satyanada Saraswati

Find out more about this Yoga Teacher Training here



The legend of Mayadenawa and God Indra is an epic story of the triumph of good versus evil. This is what started the rites of Galungan, and explains the origin of the holy spring known as Tirta Empul. The holy water spread through the Pakerisan River and leads you to Amatara Yoga Amertham. Located right by the river bank, the hotel stood tall amongst the lush greeneries of Bona village. It offers serenity and peace… a place to clear your mind, body, and soul. Just as the spring water that runs through the river brings purification, Amatara Yoga Amertham is the Balinese Healing Sanctuary that will bring you closer to nature, and to your inner self. Designed in a classic Balinese architecture style, guest can enjoy their stay experience while enjoying yoga by the river, healing spa, or even a romantic dinner, with the vegan-friendly menu. Experience Bali like never before at Amatara Yoga Amertham.


Life is a never-ending search for happiness. But when we start searching that happiness within ourselves, we will find it. Amatara Yoga Amertham is a hidden haven for those looking for that inner balance. It is literally located in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but blue skies, enchanted river with sacred water, and lush greeneries as far as the eye can see. Yet, we have amazing facilities to ensure that all of our guest needs are met. From the healthy Bona Restaurant, the swimming pool surrounded by a tropical garden, the magical Tejas Spa, to our Ashram down by the river bank – everything is created and designed to suit your healing journey.


As a member of the Bona regency in Gianyar, Amatara Yoga Amertham proudly opens The Bona Restaurant. The restaurant is airy and spacious with a view of the Pakerisan River and Bona Rice Terrace. It invites all guest to come and taste the best of what nature provides. Executive Chef Made Siharta prepared a selection of plant-based menu, as well as a sustainable and healthy menu that will satisfy all cravings. From the best Balinese cuisines, the all-time Western favor it’s to the flavors of other cultures – everything is made with the finest local and seasonal ingredients, years of experience and lots of love. One highlight of the Bona Restaurant is how they crafted each menu to ensure that all are nutritionally balanced, influenced by different cultures and creatively using Indonesia’s exotic fruits and vegetables. Discover the harmony between what you eat, what you see, and what you feel.


One will never know where the path of spiritual journey will take you. Amatara Yoga Amertham invites you to open your mind, listen to your heart and see where life takes you. Down by the river bank, we open our Ashram Pavilion for our guest. It is a safe space, free from distractions and routines of daily life, and the chance to get rid of our emotional and material baggage. The ashram is available for guest who want to exercise, do yoga or meditate privately or under the guidance of our residence instructor. With the sound of the river, and birds chirping in the background, you became one with nature, and one with your true self.
For your convenience Amatara is delighted to offer in-room dining options which we call “take me to your room”. Enjoy a selection of healthy snacks, light bites, freshly prepared dishes, and fruit & vegetable juices in the comfort and privacy of your room. Prepared from locally produced and freshly sourced ingredients, all dishes are delivered to your room in hamper.

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Type of Accommodation  Prices
Quadrapple (4 beds sharing) US$1555
Double (2 beds sharing) US$1777
Single bedroom US$2277


Twin Bed

With a breathtaking scenic river view right outside the room, you will never feel closer to nature. The fresh air and the great outdoors will guarantee a relaxing stay. Guest will enjoy the comfortable size of our room, where they can rest, read a book or even do yoga from the balcony. The room is dominated by wood and natural colors, with a classic Balinese touch, and comes with modern amenities

Twin Bed

Traveling with friends or family will make your trip a memorable one. It is a chance to share all the experience. Our Grand Deluxe River View offers you a sharing room convenience. The separate bed will fit you comfortably, and the spacious room gives some ease in doing various activities, from meditating, yoga, working and relaxing. With one side facing the pool and one side facing the gorgeous lush forest, this room will be your home in Bali.

1 Queen Bed

Gedong means Balinese home, and that is exactly what this room is. Located right above the pool, this room guarantees privacy like no other. It has that quaint Balinese charm that will make you fall in love with Bali all over again. In the journey to find peace and comfort, Amatara Yoga Amertham offers lots of activities within the hotel. Meanwhile, the room will be your sanctuary where you can rest and relax to your heart’s desire.

1 Queen Bed

Imagine waking up to the sun and the first thing you see is miles and miles of beautiful Bona Rice Terrace and the gorgeous valley. Our suite offers the best view in the house, with the most spacious room to ensure a memorable staying experience. Guest can relax while enjoying the view right from their balcony, or taking a long hot bath in the luxurious bathtub. Each suite is equipped with modern amenities for our guest’s convenience. You just have to relax, and we’re here to make sure you have a “suite” experience at Amatara Yoga Amertham.
It is a cosy base featuring clean-line furnishings, a smart en-suite bathroom and a decorative wall that showcases Bali’s creative legacy. A private terrace or balcony blends seamlessly into the outdoors providing extra space to sit and relax.
Program outline
  • Haha yoga, meditation, massage, pranayama, and chanting
  • Yoga philosophy, ethics, and anatomy of yoga
  • Special workshops (life coaching, the law of attraction, presentation skills/public speaking, basics of Reiki and energy cleansing)
  • At evening we will have some conscious gathering that vary from spiritual movie, book club, support circle, gathering individual massage, games, talent show, sound healing and the interesting events.
  • Community service (karma yoga) we will visit  a local school to distribute toys and books and spend quality time with the kids.

Upon completion students will receive a certificate affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA, which is globally recognised credential & valid internationally. In addition, this course is recognised by REPs UAE as a level 3 qualification.

Yogafirst has been offering 200 hour YTT programs since 2009 all over the world. our graduates have gone on to successful yoga careers in Yoga but mostly transformed their life to a new one, healthier and happier and living in harmony inside out.

Peewee Sanchez
ERYT500  Founder of Yoga First, offering 200, 300 and 500 YTT. Swing yoga TT and many other programs since 2009.

Manish Pole
Author of “21st century yogi” Yoga and meditation since 2003. Co-founder of Total Yoga. ERYT 500.
Training Yoga teacher since 2007.

Wissam Barakeh 
Founder of House of Om, yoga & meditation teacher, specialises in Reiki & Energy healing. Spiritual Awakening, hypnosis & life coaching. Chakra Balancing, Charity and selfless service.

During this training you will have a chance to  enjoy two full days of sightseeing and interesting activities.

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