5 Days, 8 Days
Ayurveda, Yoga


Veda5, in Rishikesh, is a stunning luxury Ayurveda & Yoga Wellness Retreat in the Himalayas.

Veda5 integrates traditional Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Yoga and healthy organic Satvik Dining to restore balance, harmonize energy and improve overall well-being. This retreat is recommended to rejuvenate your mind, body, soul and manage lifestyle disorders.

The retreat itself is set in a spiritual Himalayan environment, surrounded by the beauty of nature, making is a completely rejuvenating experience for the mind and body.

What’s Special About This Retreat: 

Once you arrive at our retreat, the first thing that will strike you is the peaceful, quiet aura of the place along with the warmth of Indian hospitality.

After soaking in the simple, unassuming greenery of the place during the day, and nip in the air in evening, you will be intoxicated by the clear star-studded skies at night. It is in this backdrop that your journey of wellness will begin.

All packages offered include a combination of authentic Ayurvedic treatments, blended with sessions on yoga and meditation. These services are delivered in a serene, peaceful, and quiet environment to rekindle your energy and restore the balance of your body, mind, and soul.

If you crave for more, you could choose to visit nearby areas which we will specially organize for you!

Available All Year Round

4 or 5 nights Accommodation
All meals, Evening tea /coffee
Complimentary wellness kit on arrival
Doctors consultation, daily free check up
Daily ayurveda therapies (90 mins) ; per custom treatment plan
Daily yoga /meditation, wellness activities per weekly schedule
Half day excursion to Rishikesh (2 per week): sightseeing, visit to Beatles ashram, evening Ganga aarti puja
Airport Transfer from Dehradun Airport


For more information on this retreat please refer here.


Accommodation is available in Deluxe or Superior category, for single, double or twin bedded options to suit your need and budget.

All rooms are designed with classic elegance in the new hill architectural style that blends seamlessly with the lush surrounding landscapes. Deluxe rooms are cozy enough for two and all the comforts of home, while our Superior rooms are a more spacious, for longer stays and can accommodate up to 3 guests with ease. These are also available with inter-connecting doors. For families of 4-5 travelling together, please ask about our Superior Suites while making your query.

With a serene and natural feel, each room is a shelter in itself with comfortable beds, perfectly appointed bathrooms, and picture-perfect private view balconies.


We offer fresh farm produce to make sure we garner to the most important principle in the Ayurvedic diet – fresh food (without pesticides, additives and other chemicals) which will be seasonal, and, as often as possible, local.

We serve freshly-cooked, whole, simple Ayurvedic prepared meals to suit your body type.


4 Nights – Ayurveda Deep Cleansing Retreat

₹ Rupee US$
Single Option ₹ 74,000 $1074
Double Option  ₹ 125,000 $1815

7 Nights – Ayurveda Deep Cleansing Retreat

₹ Rupee US$
Single Option ₹ 100,000 $1451
Double Option  ₹ 146,500 $2127


On arrival, feel the warmth of our Atiti Satkar (traditional welcome) as you are smoothly checked-in to the retreat and escorted to your room. After an excellently prepared Ayurvedic lunch, take a tour of the retreat and familiarise yourself with your home away from home, followed by a short excursion into Rishikesh for some sightseeing and to participate in teh evening Ganga aarti puja at Parmath Niketan.

Next, begins your journey to wellness by arising to the Dinacharya – daily morning ritual & Ayurvedic Rechan, and a comforting Bare foot walk on grass followed by Shanti/ Ayurjeevan Tea Sevan to stimulate peace of mind and a sense of calm. Our yoga master shall now lead you through mantra chanting into the morning yoga for all to warm up and loosen stiffness of the body, ending with special yog-shodhan sessions in Dhyan Kendra.

After a healthy Ayurvedic breakfast, enter the vaidya pramarsh for your consultation with our Ayurvedic doctor, leading into your daily treatment/therapy of one hour duration.

Midday brings you back to our dining hall for an Ayurvedic detox meal, followed by a rest period for your mind and body. The evening allows for light activity and detox tea, to prepare you for some Trataka and the special meditation for the day.

After an early Ayurvedic detox dinner, end your peaceful day with the Ayurvedic foot ritual and recitation for a sound sleep (Ratricharya).

Itinerary on all days

6:00 AM                :               Dinacharya – Morning ritual and Ayurvedic Rechan

7:00 AM                :               Yoga Poorva Karma – Mantra chanting and yoga for all

8:30 AM                :               Ayurvedic Breakfast

9:30 AM                :               Doctor Consultation

10:30 AM             :               Ayurveda treatment/massage

12:00 AM             :               Hatha Yoga/Power yoga/Shivananda yoga

1:00 PM                :               Ayurveda detox meals

3:00 PM                :               Evening yoga session/Doctor lecture/ayurveda tips

5:00 PM                :               Trataka; daily special meditation

7:00 PM                :               Detox drinks/games activity session

8:00 PM                :               Ayurvedic Detox dinner

9:00 PM                :               Ratricharya – Foot ritual and recitation

View overall itinerary of this program here.

Reasons to Detox:

Detoxification is one of the best ways to remain healthy in a polluted and toxic environment.

Signs that detoxification is needed would be symptoms like unexplained headaches or back pain, failing memory, brittle nails and hair, frequent allergies, exposure to cleaning solvents in the home or at work, pesticides, diuretics, and prolonged use of drugs, etc.

One of the benefits of detoxification is that liver, kidney, and blood purification can take place, which wouldn’t occur during irregular eating patterns. Other advantages include stimulating the immune system, the hormonal system is enhanced, and dependency on substances such as sugar, caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol can be reduced.


·         Removing toxins from body systems

·         Cleaning/opening energy channel of body and mind

·         Losing weight and body fat

·         Keeping your skin well oxidized and fresh

·         Increasing body immunity

·         Helping to cure and prevent disease and sickness

·         Allowing deep relaxation and rejuvenation

·         Strengthening willpower and concentration

·         Strengthening digestive, respiratory, immune, excretory, and nervous systems

These 5 days will help your body revive its natural healing energy.