Health on demand, get to know how you can improve your health and overall well being with Valerie Grace.  Through transformation in her lifestyle with probiotic food and nutrition, Valerie, a well versed nutritionist, will show you how you can step out and make a change to your life.

This On demand Health and Wellbeing Breakthrough Call is based on individual basis and tailored to the needs of different situations and requirements, with programs and diet specially planned out for you.

Valerie will show you the proven roadmap to breakthrough the vicious cycle which you have been stuck in and finally achieve the success you desire in your self confidence, health, career, relationship and facing daily life with a whole new holistic approach.

Is This You? 

You’re already doing well in your health & overall quality of life but you want to surprise yourself with undiscovered possibilities.

Private consulting isn’t just about ‘helping the helpless’. It’s about creating new possibilities, empowering you with fast-track strategies, and enhancing what you’re already doing to achieve Holistic Success – in your physical health, wellbeing, relationships & career fulfilment.

With Valerie’s signature holistic & sustainable approach, it will save you years of time, energy & money; it speeds up your breakthroughs so you achieve your goals fast.

Get ready to take your health & quality of life to new levels.

Who is Valerie Grace?
Valerie has been facilitating breakthrough and life transformations for people who desire to revinvent themselves and be empowered for personal success in their career, relationships and health.
A holistic success breakthrough expert, she is also the Cosmopolitan Fearless Spirit Award Winner in 2015.
Having gaining her nutritional knowledge from Complementary Medicine of the United Kingdom  and The World Federation of Chinese Naturopathy, her programs are designed to bring health to you in a holistic and natural way.
After 8 years of dysfunctional living with ‘incurable chronic problems’ such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, psoriasis, obsessive compulsive disorder and severe eating disorder, her last straw was experimenting with a High Probiotic Lifestyle.  Her mother’s fermented food and bone broths were her medicine that brought her on the way of healing.
With all these experiences and knowledge under her belt, her mission is to empower and help them achieve the best of health.

This program is by application & availability only.

*maximum 3 clients per month.

How to Apply:

1) email us at

What’s Next:

Within 1 working day, you will receive an invitation from Valerie’s team to schedule for a Clarity Call at her next available slot.

The purpose of the Clarity Call is to help Valerie understand you and the goals you’d like to achieve through working with her.


A financial professional who wanted to achieve optimum health & wellbeing after IVF treatment

I feel more freed up inside. I feel livelier – not so melancholic, not so downcast.

I feel happier. My immune system has improved. 

I’m surprised I don’t fall sick easily now.

I feel it really helps especially when life gets busy… sometimes I have no time to be conscious about myself. The weekly sessions create moments for me to be conscious, to articulate my subconscious thoughts and my feelings for that week.”


A young mother of three & F&B entrepreneur who cleared up childhood eczema & lost weight without dieting or exercising

“I used to feel stuck. I was visionless. Now, I can have a free mind & a vision for my life.   I now enjoy intimacy with my husband, my skin got better. I lost 5kg in 5 weeks (without dieting or exercising).” Working with Val was fun… I tried new things which I’ve never tried in my life!” 


A young female professional in the media industry who was seeking answers to her chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, allergies & stubborn weight gain

“By nature I’m a skeptical person… but what I can say is that my call surprised (with Val) in all the right ways.

The fact that she was able to identify what I need and that I feel it too”



A medical profession from the Netherlands. She was seeking support for her chronic gut issues, low energy & anxiety issues surrounding her workplace & personal life.

“It was great, more than great. You know those very few conversations where you don’t have to hold back and you can just speak your mind?

A true gift, she is. As we were talking we came to the thoughts that were not about food (I thought we would be talking about food!) but about who I truly am and what I mind need to get out of this circle in which I take care of lots of things but not of myself. I am so grateful.”