Bar Stories, Singapore
Demostration, Fermented Food, Workshop

No matter what your favourite drink is, you can find it at Bar Stories. But imagine a bespoke concocted Om & Away mocktail paired with fresh locally farmed seafood from Ah Hua Kelong. Be inspired by

Holistic Success Coach, Valerie Grace, in this inspiring and intimate session on:

The Art of the Cultured Lifestyle

  • Unlock the 12,000 Year Old Beauty & Health Secret with Fermented Food


  • Experience the Speed of Grace & Breakthrough Your ‘Impossible’

Such dedication to the finest in wellness is what unites Om & Away, Valerie Grace, Ah Hua Kelong and Bar Stories. We came together to advocate how healthy can be tasty. Join this new palate revolution.

If you are intrigued by the healing powers of fermenting food and self-development, you should join us and others like yourself. Be inspired by Valerie Grace on her personal transformation, and as she shares the stories of the women she has touched. Get empowered to BREAKTHROUGH! your “impossibilities”.

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DATE 9 September 2017
DURATION 10am – 1.30pm
1 welcome drink
1 Om & Away mocktail
3 course meal paired with fermented food
Food fermentation demonstration
Learn tips on how to how to BREAKTHROUGH! challenges that you face at work, career or relationships

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Hi! It’s Val.

2 years ago, I looked nothing like that.
In fact, I shouldn’t have been alive.
After 8 years of dysfunctional living with ‘incurable chronic problems’ such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, psoriasis, obsessive compulsive disorder and severe eating disorder, my last straw was experimenting with a High Probiotic Lifestyle.
My mom’s fermented food and bone broths were my medicine.
 Together with intensive coaching on my mindset and emotional wellbeing strategies by a few mentors and God’s amazing grace, my IBS symptoms and psoriasis disappeared within 2 months. Within 3 months, I got my menstrual period back
(I had lost it for 8 years). All these – without any supplements or medication. Today, I’m at my healthiest, happiest and most successful in doing the transformational work I’m passionate about.
My mission is to empower people like you to experience your own success in health, career and relationships – at a sustainable, holistic level. I invite you to take your first step towards your breakthrough by booking an unforgettable conversation with me.
Workshop Recipes
1 Passionfruit Trio:
Inspired by the passion to create this wellness menu, this elixir contains strong flora notes with a tinge of citrusy lemon.
White Balsamic, passionfruit, rosemary, lemon

1 Om & Away Cocktail:
 This cocktail is the perfect marriage of sweet and sour, with delicate lemongrass to balance out the organic apple cider vinegar.
Organic apple cider vinegar, lychee, sour plum, lemon grass, lime

3 Course Meal

Prawns and crisps with homemade salsa and avocado puree

Sea Bass with dashi fish broth, shoyu rice and hanjuku egg
Soy milk panacotta and sweet potato

Review from Valarie Grace’s clients

a high-achieving business manager who transformed from
struggling with a stressful life of fear, low self-confidence and insomnia
to being set free to feel fully alive and thrive in her personal & professional life
“I used to focus so much on my physical symptoms 
and immediate/temporary things that restricted me from (truly) living. 
But now, after my 3rd session with Val, 
I finally break out of my ego and pride to truly start building on my inner world…
(where) I found acceptance for myself.
I feel alive more than ever….
I can let go the fear of death as I shift…and focus on living from a higher level.
This allows me to be present, have fun, 
using my strengths to set myself up for the week’s success. 
I finally feel the flow in my life.
In the past, I wasn’t able to look at myself in photos…
I wasn’t able to confidently stand or sit in front of the camera and speak in public 
because I didn’t really like how I sound or look…
I would have likely tried to skip or shy away (from) some things…and totally would not have fun. 
But now, 
I have never felt better about myself…
I found acceptance for myself because I am grateful for me being me, 
grateful for life and I feel that I love myself for who I am.
It’d (big work weeks) have drained me physically and thrown me off. 
I wouldn’t have been able to manage…mentally, emotionally and physically 
This (breakthrough) allows me to progress further professionally and personally.
I feel a great sense of achievement… (it’s) very fulfilling for making an even bigger leap in life.”

a university student who had finally restored her menstrual period
(without supplements) which she had lost for 2 years due to overexercising, dieting.
She was diagnosed with hypothyroidism before she enrolled into the coaching program.
Today, her endocrine system is restored to health.
“In just the second week, I felt a major difference. It really felt like, a miracle.
Instead of focusing on calories, I’m starting to enjoy a variety of food and play around with options.
My hair is growing back, my energy levels improved and my mood and temper are better. 
My relationship with my mom is also better. I find myself happier! 
I don’t beat myself up anymore and even tho I still have cravings sometimes, they aren’t as crazy. 
I learn to look at food a little more differently now and choose the food that are good to me.
It is so different from other programs because it has way more of a personal touch to it 
– we’re not just simply your clients. 
I feel that you really do care and genuinely want to help restore my health.” 

(Emily after the program says…)
“This is a life changing program.
I want to say to Val ‘Thank you.. Thank you so so much.’
No amount of words can express how grateful I am. 
Val is so inspiring and magical – she gives me the courage to believe, 
and determination to work hard and be committed.  
If I had not met you, or if not for you…. 
I can’t even imagine where I would be right now. 
Perhaps still worrying about my (menstrual) period? 
Still lost and confused over my health? 
I am REALLY thankful for these tools, knowledge and skills you have given me! 
You have shown me a whole new different perspective in life,
 and you have proven to me how food itself can be healing and made me a believer. 
You teach me how to love life a little more, and most importantly, 
how to always get back on track even when I have bad days. 
It has been a great 3 months with you and, 
yes, when I am ready for my next breakthrough in life, I will be back for more!!!”

a young lady working profesional & student who desires to
reclaim her self-confidence and thrive in her relationships and career
while dealing with the root problem of chronic hair loss
Thanks for a powerful session. 
I really feel that my life is already changing from the 1st session. 
I’m already starting to look at things differently….
Thank you Valerie for showing me hope in changing my life. 
I am very excited for the subsequents sessions.”
[breakthroughs after 3 sessions]
“In the past, when I was sad, scared or angry, I’d either suppress the feelings or immerse myself in self-blame. 
“Oh no, why so slow? Why waste time on useless things?” 
I used to be ashamed about my past failures and mistakes. 
But now, 
I’m able to acknowledge and express my emotions and 
treat mistakes as learning experiences. 
Instead of procrastinating, I take action when problems arise. 
Also, I feel more confident and courageous in doing things I used to avoid.
I volunteer for presentations. I’m not afraid of feedback. 
Honestly speaking, I still do have some ‘down times’, 
but I have more patience with myself in getting through them by applying the tools I’ve learnt. 
I feel so much lighter and relaxed after each session. 
I get excited when I wake up each day because I am getting better in my inner-self 
with (my) daily intent to be kind, loving & truthful to myself and others.
I can’t wait for more breakthroughs (see my) beautiful inner self in time to come!