3 Days
Spa, Yoga

Keemala’s Purify programme offers a range of carefully selected therapies and treatments aimed to cleanse both body and mind. Personalised meditation sessions help guests to relieve their mind of accumulated stress and their body of physical tension. Guests are served a customized Spa Cuisine and tonics that will further enhance the detoxification and purification effects of this therapeutic programme.


LOCATION Keemala, Phuket

2 Wellness consultations
1 Take-home wellness plan
2 Meditation sessions (30min)
2 Infrared Saunas (15-30min)
1 Thai Detoxification Herbal Steam (15-30min)
1 Organic Detoxification Bath Ritual (30min)
1 Reflexology Foot Massage (45min)
1 VOYA Organic Seaweed Leaf Detoxification Body Wrap (90min)
1 VOYA Organic Environmental Defense Facial (90min)
1 VOYA Hand Retreat (45min)
1 VOYA Food Retreat (45min)
Daily personalised herbal tea/ tonic
Daily customised Spa Cuisine meals


Types of Accommodation 

Clay Pool Cottages

The Pa-Ta-Pea (Earth) Clan consisted of hard working farmers, fishermen, gardeners, carpenters, blacksmiths and miners. They believed that being connected to the earth would bring them health benefits. Not only would they build their homes on ground level, they’d also incorporate earth into their walls, roofs and furniture, even the beds they slept on were made from soil and clay.

The cottages offer rainforest and resort views and include a spacious bathroom with monsoon shower, outside shower and a stand-alone bathtub. The villa size is from 126m² including pool and outdoor terrace. There are also two 2-bedroom clay cottages available ideal for friends or families and offers 180m² of total space and one large shared bathroom.


Tent Pool Villas

The Khon-Jorn (Wanderer) Clan, were an adventurous group made up of foragers, herders, performers, traders and explorers, who spent their time trading goods with other tribes they encountered on their journeys. Due to their nomadic ways they’d prefer to construct semi-permanent homes, so they could easily move on, hence we celebrate them with our design of the seven one bedroom Tent Pool Villas.

Inside the Tent Pool Villas you will see that wildlife has inspired the interiors and materials were also chosen to highlight their pursuant lifestyle. The villas offer rainforest and resort views and include a spacious bathroom with monsoon shower, outside shower and a stand-alone bathtub. The villa size is 140 m² including pool and outdoor lounging space.

Tree Pool Houses

The We-ha (Sky) Clan are a group who are believed to have had advanced understanding of the universe. They built their homes elevated from the ground in order to obtain better creativity and liberty. The clan included the talents of healers, creators, architects and inventors.

Their way of life was completely different from other clans; this is reflected in the design of the Tree Pool Houses. Featuring two floors, these spacious villas are complete with a private pool;upper level master bedroom, and a large lounge and dining area on the lower level. The interiors of the seven Tree Pool Houses incorporate suspended furniture and cocoon like beds and loungers.The Tree House offers rainforest and resort views and includes a spacious bathroom with monsoon shower, outside shower, guest washroom and a stand-alone bathtub. The villa size is 169 m² including pool and upper outdoor relaxation space adjoining the master bedroom.

Bird’s Nest Pool Villa

Inspired by the Rung-Nok Clan (Nest Clan) who enjoyed an opulent life. Their craving for exclusivity resulted in the woven tangle of a birds nest design seen on the exteriors of this villa type. This clan was thought to be more superior in both intellect and creativity and comprised of artists, musicians, astrologers, philosophers and poets.

They believed that the future could be predicted from astrology. They would bathe under the moonlight believing that their souls would be replenished, thus the inspiration for these beautiful private pool villas.

The villas offer some sea, rainforest and resort views and include an expansive bathroom with monsoon shower and a stand-alone bathtub with a view. The villa size is 185m² including pool and outdoor sun deck.

Purify Retreat – 3 Nights

Season 1 Clay Pool Cottages (1BR) Tent Pool Villas Tree Pool Houses Bird’s Nest Pool Villas
Single USD$2408 USD$2545 USD$2801 USD$2949
Double USD$3438 USD$3575 USD$3830 USD$3978
 Season 2
 Single USD$2579.72 USD$2717.00 USD$2985.66 USD$3133.67
 Double USD$3609.32 USD$3746.60 USD$4015.26 USD$4163.27
Season 3
Single USD$2922.92 USD$3060.20 USD$3355.67 USD$3503.68
Double USD$3952.52 USD$4089.80 USD$4385.27 USD$4533.28
Season 4
Single USD$2408.12 USD$2545.40 USD$2800.66 USD$2948.66
Double USD$3437.72 USD$3575 USD$3830.26 USD$3978.26
Keemala- Mala-Spa-Lobby-M
Keemala- Destination
Keemala- Enchanted-Hall
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Keemala- Mala-Spa-Exterior-2
Keemala- Mala-Spa-Exterior
Keemala- Mala-Spa-Lobby-M
Keemala- Mala-Spa-Treatment-Room
Keemala- Mala-Spa-VOYA-Seaweed-Treatment-M
Keemala- Tent-Pool-Villa-Bathroom
Keemala- Tent-Pool-Villa-Exterior
Keemala- Tree-Pool-House-Bathroom
Keemala- Tree-Pool-House-Bedroom-M
Keemala- Tree-Pool-House-Lounge-Stairs
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