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Are you looking for mindfulness based stress reduction tips? Banyan Tree Sanctuary Wellbeing offers the time and space to combine life enrichment and relaxation in one holiday experience.

Four Custom Tracks

Guests are free to choose from 50 different activities, with four curated tracks catering to various wellness goals.  From 4 curated tracks [New Wellbeing, Balanced Fitness, Mindful Awareness, Urban Detox], (more info in Learn Tab) each track is customisable to provide a personal approach for overall wellbeing.  Daily massage rejuvenates the body while nightly sleep ritual guides guests to experience a sanctuary of rest.
At Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary, the focus is on your overall wellbeing with Nature as our teacher. These form the foundation in all our programmes and activities. 50 different activities consisting of practice classes, learning workshops and inspirational experiences are available to create a unique experience tailored to individual goals. Click here for the complete list of activities available.
During your retreat, you may choose to participate in as many activities as you like during the day or take it easy and just have one activity a day. Unlimited wellbeing activities at any point of your stay.


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Four curated tracks are available to achieve different wellness goals. Each is fully customisable to provide a holistic approach in overall wellbeing. Daily massage rejuvenates the body and nightly sleep ritual guide you through the steps for a sanctuary of rest. Intimate cultural and leisure activities complete an enriching and enjoyable holiday experience. For more details and information about our curated tracks, click here to drop us a note .


Take the first steps to elevate your wellbeing. Discover a refreshing approach through sampling a diverse range of practice classes and insightful workshops such as posture alignment and nature based activities. You may also experience the soul of Thai living through intimate cultural activities. Recommended for those interested in understanding the basics of wellbeing and cultural insights.

New Wellbeing


Revitalise your body with a diverse range of workouts and stretching sessions. They are designed to enhance all-rounded improvement of the physique, including strength building and toning elements while focusing on functional capabilities and balance. Suitable for different goals and fitness levels, and recommended for those seeking to improve physical vitality.
Balanced Fitness


Find your inner balance with calming mindful practices. This curated journey combines scheduled meditation and breathing exercises to instill a deeper sense of being. Enjoy daily massage in the privacy of your villa, set in lush greenery. Recommended for stress management and those seeking lifestyle change.

Mindful Awareness


Kickstart your detox system with a specially designed low-calorie plant based cuisine to balance the effects of modern day dietary patterns and urban lifestyles. A committed programme will cleanse and improve the digestive system leaving you feeling lighter and more energised. Complemented by low impact, calming activities. Recommended for those desiring a disciplined diet and learning of nutrition management for optimal health.

Urban Detox

Guest may choose to participate in as many activities as they like during the day or take it easy and just have one activity a day.

Snippet of the itinerary



  • 7am  – Seaside Trek
  • 8.30 – 9.30am – Cardio Rotation or Spinal Stretch
  • 10-11am – Herbal Therapy
  • 11am – 12pm – Thai Boxing Basics


  • 12-1pm– Counter Tech Moves or Hearty Recipes
  • 2-3pm – Mat Pilates
  • 3-4pm -Free Rhythm or Posture Alignment


  • 4.30- 5.30pm – Slow Stretch or Balance Tuning
  • or view in full schedule here –  Daily Well-being Activities Schedule


    A Unique Sleep Experience

    Patented lighting within the bedroom, binaural music, calming aromatherapy and an extensive pillow and linen selection create a calming ambience for a truly quality sleep. Enhancing the stay at Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary are nightly rest rituals that include meditation, soothing steams and rejuvenating baths that are designed to put guests in the most ideal pre sleep state. This ensures deep restorative sleep for the mind and body to rest and recharge. Click here for more details on the rest rituals.

    Surrounded by rich flora and fauna, the villa is the ideal place to unwind and appreciate all that nature has to offer. Each villa measures 550sqm, balancing indoor and outdoor spaciousness. The garden becomes an extension of the villa with views of water gardens and lagoons. Floating bedrooms open out to surrounding lily ponds with floor to ceiling glass windows and an unmatched sense of tranquillity.

    Room Features and Amenity

    • 550sqm floor space
    • King-sized Bed
    • Pillow Selection Menu
    • Floor-to-ceiling Glass Windows
    • Tranquil lotus pond surrounding bedroom pavilion
    • In-villa Massage
    • Private Crystal Pool with Jet Pool
    • Private Steam Room
    • Outdoor Thai Sala
    • Fully-stocked Wellness Mini Bar
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