8 Days
De-Stress, Yoga

When was the last time you took time out to simply be?

The frantic pace of our lives demands us to be constantly busy doing something. Distracted and frazzled, we forget how to simply be.

Do you ever feel out of sync with your body and your sense of who you are?

This retreat is a rare chance to spend four days becoming deeply connected and in tune with your body, your true voice and your inner purpose.

We use mindfulness, sound bowl meditations, Yin Yoga and writing as intentional practices that cultivate stillness and provide emotional, mental and physical release.

Do you yearn to integrate more stillness and a sense of inner peace into your daily life?

In this retreat you’ll learn simple and effective mindfulness practices that will help you to feel anchored within yourself and in the present moment during your busy, demanding day-to-day life or when life feels overwhelming and a struggle.

You will learn how to use writing as therapeutic practice that can make you become focused, inspired and open to your inner wisdom.

Do you crave nourishing yourself in nature?

The small boutique resort that will be your home for four days is immersed in lush nature and surrounded by tranquil waters. It  is an ideal place to relax deeply, without thinking about the next thing on your to-do list or reaching for your phone.


8 -15th September 2019

LOCATION An Villa Boutique Resort


3 x nights accommodation in a boutique resort, halfway between Ancient Town and the beach
Bicycle rental and local transfers
Breakfast, lunch, dinner & afternoon tea on all days
1 guided bicycle tour through the ricefields
Sunset boat ride to Ancient Town
1 one-on-one sound bowl massage
Transfer to/from Da Nang airport
All workshops*
EXCLUDED Visa fess
Additional activities can be organised at own cost and on demand
Travel insurance and personal items
International flights

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Early Bird US$550 – until February 28th, 2019
US$200 deposit to secure your spot.

US$625 – From 1 March 2019


Kerstin Pilz Phd is a former academic, published author, certified 200 RYT yoga teacher, photography enthusiast and resident expat in Hoi An, Vietnam, where she runs a popular weekly writers group and teaches Yin Yoga and mindfulness meditation.

She believes in the healing power of writing, self-compassion and mindfulness. It’s what saved her from tragedy turned life up-side down. She is passionate about sharing the tools that helped her heal and to inspire you to bond with your inner write so that it can lead you on a journey of creative self-exploration and healing.

NIGEL ROWLES is a professional musician with over 30 years experience teaching music, playing in bands and as a solo performer.

His first sound bowl massage was life changing. He had never felt so deeply relaxed within minutes of lying down. Four weeks later, he was on a plane to Kathmandu to begin his training with Himalayan masters and to explore how sound can be used to balance the body’s frequencies.

In Nepal he spent many hours hand selecting a set of eight tuned bowls and perfecting his personalised method of playing the bowls. As a trained musician he prefers chord structures, rather than match the bowls to the body’s chakras. By using tuned bowls to create chords, he can generate a larger number of harmonies which bring about inner balance and help relief stress.

Find out more on Nigel’s website:


Mindful Writing & Sound Bowl Meditation Retreat Vietnam.
Learn to practice Mindfulness as a lifestyle.

Following the Vietnamese Buddhist Zen monk Thích Nhất Hạnh, in this retreat we’ll practice mindfulness both on and off the meditation cushion.

Mindfulness is the practice of resting in engaged awareness. Being present to whatever is, without judgement, expectation or reactivity, deeply nourishes mind, body and soul.

The practices used are simple yet powerful tools that will help you to calm the mental chatter and to feel grounded inside yourself, using the breath as an anchor, whenever life feels hard and overwhelming.

Release mental, physical and emotional tension with Yin Yoga

We combine the quiet, contemplative practice of Yin Yoga with gentle early morning Hatha Yoga. Yin Yoga is as much a physical practice of releasing tight muscles, softening and lubricating the joints and the fascia, as it is a contemplative practice in stillness and mindful awareness.

Yin Yoga challenges us to find stillness as sit with our physical edge and to observe whatever arises without judging. Observing your reactions when tight hips are speaking to you, trains the mind to become focused and non-reactive.

Feel in tune with Sound Bowl Meditation

Sound bowl balancing is one of the most effective ways to reach a state of deep relaxation quickly.

Spending too much time in ‘doing’ mode, forgetting to simply ‘be’, makes us feel frazzled, disconnected from ourselves and out of tune. Sound bowls harmonise the body’s frequencies and the hemispheres of the brain, making you feel back in sync with yourself.

Enjoy the deeply calming vibrations of the Himalayan singing bowls during Yin Yoga, mediation & mindful journaling sessions, group sound baths and a complimentary one-on-one sound massage.

Discover the therapeutic benefits of writing

No writing experience is necessary for this retreat. Using Natalie Goldberg’s approach of writing as practice, we focus on the process of free writing without attention to spelling or editing. We are not aiming to produce something (although you might feel inspired to write a story or a poem), but to listen deep inside.

Writing feeds the soul, provides release and weaves new meaning into our lives. By writing things down, we give voice to our emotions, we untangle what is messy and painful, we name our fears, hopes and desires and we release long-held stories and limiting beliefs.

Imagine a deeply effective self-care practice that is always available to you!

The retreat is held at An Villa Boutique Resort. Ideally located half way between Cua Dai beach and the charming World Heritage listed Old Town of Hoi An.

Situated right on the river, this small boutique resort is a tranquil oasis amid palm trees and tropical gardens in a peaceful authentic Vietnamese neighborhood.

There are six unique living spaces – ranging from two-person studios to three-bedroom family villas – designed by a French expat architect and furnished with an eye for artistic detail.

Each living space comes with a private garden or terrace and a well-equipped kitchen, though you’ll hardly be cooking at home during this retreat.

There are plenty of quiet spaces to retreat in contemplative stillness and to connect with your creative flow.