7 Days
De-Stress, Yoga

Our universe is comprised of four core elements AIR, EARTH, FIRE & WATER. They are crucial to maintain harmony and balance on the planet, this also transfers over to human behavior.

The benefits of understanding the role of these four basic elements in the world helps us connect with both nature and ourselves.

As a universal concept, we have taken the tenets of each element and included them in carefully curated retreats bespoke to the urban multi-tasker who’s ready to re-center.

The earth beneath the oceans and the soil beneath our feet provides us a sense of stability; a rootedness.  Gravity pulls us down like a magnet to a tangible reality grounding us in our busy lives. She is patient and nurturing, harmonious and centered. Our Earth retreat is a therapeutic offering, bringing thoughtfulness and gratitude to the forefront.  Activities include yoga classes, group meditation, walks in nature & visits to sacred Balinese temples.  Throughout your Escape Ritual, we endeavor to bring you closer to your roots, nourish you, giving you the strength to stand firmly on the ground.

We invite you to seek the blessing of this earth; sharing love & compassion for yourself and for others.

Runs Weekly From Saturday to Friday


6 Nights Accommodation
Morning & Evening Yoga Classes
Morning & Evening Group Meditation Session
1 Free Day – Excursion
3 Nourishing meals Daily (Except for Tuesday, excursion day  and Wednesday for group gathering)

For more information on this retreat, please refer here.


Newly designed villa with Mediterranean architecture built on a hill overlooking rice fields in the heart of Canggu. All 7 bedrooms have an en suite bathroom, A/C, free WiFi & 24 hr security.

The property boasts a 21 meter infinity pool, a TV/AV room, pool table, open space pool, a TV/AV room, pool table, open space for breezy indoor or outdoor yoga & spacious grounds for your fitness workouts.


Accommodation Type Regular Prices Single (Discounted) Shared Prices Shared


Sunset Suite and 2 Zen US$2950 US$2450
Sunset Suite 3 Infinite Suite 1 & 2 US$2450 US$1950
Garden Room US$1950 US$1450
Get additional US$300 if book 60 days in advanced.

Room Types

Sunset Suite
Infinity Suite
Garden Room


Guests will arrive on Saturday, check in time is usually 15.00. We will have a meet and greet session at 18.00 followed by an in house welcome dinner.



  • 0730 – 0845: Yoga & Meditation
  • 0900: Breakfast
  • 1000-1200: Free Time


  • 1200-1300: Lunch
  • 1400-1730: Free Time


  • 1730-1845: Yoga & Meditation
  • 1930: Dinner

During your free time, you will be able to schedule your massage and other pampering sessions or even enjoy some retail therapy or added excursion. You can explore walks in nature and or visit Balinese temples as this is not included in your package from the 1 day excursion.

On Tuesday, you have a variety of excursions to choose from which is included in your package followed by dinner in a restaurant. We will assist in recommending and making reservations.

Day Trip includes:

  • Farm to table cooking
  • Eco Cycling in Ubud
  • Finn’s Beach Club
  • The Swing Ubud
  • Silver Jewelry Making

On Friday, we will have our closing yoga session followed by brunch and check out of 12.00. We will be able to hold your luggage should you have a later flight. We do provide a B&B rate for Friday night at $150 if you wish to stay an extra night.

Jennifer has always been a fitness lover, yoga advocate and keenly interested in nutrition. She changed her professional direction from retail planning to teaching yoga & meditation after healing herself from a complicated battle with adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism and celiac disease.

Finding the magic in balancing her body mind & spirit through Yoga, she hopes to share her knowledge with as many people as possible. Jennifer is Canadian and a certified instructor under Yoga Alliance. She is continuing her education with Svastha Ayurveda, studying Yoga Therapy. Learning to bring traditional yoga, Ayurveda and elements of modern medicine together; a holistic & thoughtful approach to wellness.

You can expect to leave Jennifer’s class feeling calm and grounded. She prides herself in giving her students options so they can both enjoy the practice and gain self-awareness.

Hatha Flow Escape Ritual Style

Complete a series of traditional postures with a focus on breath, half standing, half on the floor. Hatha flow allows you to safely bend, twist, stretch & tone your entire body.

10 min. warm up – settle in slowly as the theme is set for class, practice pranayama & set intentions.
50 min asana – sun salutations keep you warm, focusing on transitions as you move from effort to ease. By developing a balance between your body, mind & soul you will learn how to guide your own practice. This class will leaving you feeling positive, lighter and more energized for your day.


At Escape Ritual we aim to help you connect with your inner self; our themes are gratitude, love & kindness.
We give you tools to quiet your mind, and send you home with meditation options that work for you. You will experience various guided meditations as well as Trataka (open-eye candle meditation). Teaching basic principles on relieving stress and anxiety showing you how to apply them in your practice and life. With great attention to the breath find calm & clarity partnered with mantra, mind imaging & mindful movement.

Yin Yoga

A shorter series of asana that are held for longer periods of time 1 to 5 minutes.The purpose of this practice is to soften deep connective tissue & facia and improve your body’s performance. The long gentle stretches aim to increase circulation in the joints & improve flexibility. We learn to sit with slight discomfort & detoxifying our mind – support is provided so you get the most benefit. This practice helps to regulate the body’s flow of energy.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a modern form of yoga combining slow flows and longer Yin holds. As the title suggests restoring your body back to health very naturally. Similar to Yin we move slowly and gently, some early flows then longer held Yin postures. Lots of support is used here for the gentlest stretch.

Restorative yoga will help you cultivate a powerful inner awareness.