6 Days
De-Stress, Yoga

Ever sensed the feeling of when time stands still? When your world slows down and you are cocooned with connection. Happiness is not entwined in the intensity of doing, but of BALANCE, right-RHYTHM & HARMONY. If we work too much, we become overwhelmed. If we do too little, our satisfactions are not met. Allow yourself time to strike balance, as we swing into a dynamic of effort and surrender. Surf through vitalising morning of Yoga and Movement, topped with talks on Health and Wellbeing.

Devour an afternoon of nourishing food, dropping deep with soothing hands on Therapy & lapping up a meditative sunset to cool down the day. Find a BALANCE to your being at Moonlight Exotic Bay Resort with Intuitive Body Wellness Retreats.


28 Feb – 4 Mar 2020

Daily balancing & uplifting yoga classes
Daily slow movement & meditation sessions
Daily talks, highlighting healthy living
Complimentary Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy & Fascial Release treatment
Visit the INTERNATIONAL MEDITATION CENTRE for meditation guidance by a Buddhist Monk.
Private Postural Assessment
5 nights’ luxury accommodations
Wholesome, vibrant beverages and snacks
Delicious, energising meals

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Deluxe Pool Access

6 Rooms with 42 SQM where you can relax and unwind at Pool Terraces, Take a dip in the swimming pool and spend quality time with your special one. Deluxe Pool Access Rooms present a sanctuary from the bustle of the city with spacious, Zen-inspired interiors and view swimming pool from iconic lazy bed lounge balconies.

Deluxe Pool View

12 Rooms with 42 SQM majestically overlooking the natural tropical mangrove. With a commanding view of the river, it is one of the most exclusive places to retreat or entertain guests to a gentle breeze.

Garden Wing Deluxe Pool View Rooms present a sanctuary from the bustle of the city with spacious, Zen-inspired interiors and view swimming pool from iconic lazy bed lounge balconies.

Hill Top View Villa 

12 Villa Rooms with 32 SQM Nestled on a hilltop, surrounded by tropical and lush gardens, find serenity and natural grandeur that offer a quiet retreat from everyday life. The romantic, exclusive, and discrete Hilltop Villa is less than 5-minute walk of the furthest villa to 1 minute walk to the beach of the resort. Relax, recharge in style, and connect to nature.

Sea View Villa

8 Villas with 36 SQM Located near the sea, situated on the hillside embark into a tranquil and relaxing experience as you breathe in the fresh sea breeze.


Lucy formerly trained and worked as a professional dancer. After several back and neck injuries, a deeper thirst for anatomical-mind-emotional relational connection and a sparked interest between Eastern-Western cultural philosophy, her journey into body mechanics and mind observation began. First was a physical enquiry into yoga and bodywork, later leading to an exploration of eastern philosophy, energetic practices and conscious awareness based meditation.

She sees yoga and bodywork as the tools to embody, connect and find presence – thus yielding clarity, truthfulness and nourishment toward our modern life. Her physical enquiry has always been led by the “how” of what we do and guided by the quality, dynamic and felt sense when taking such action.  To integratively and seamlessly weave one body part to the other, between linking breath, movement, energy and direction

Embracing the opportunity to teach stamps an anchor to stay real.  Whilst highlighting the importance of human connection, maintaining heartfilled relation to support to one another & igniting a renewal of creativity and evolution.   She aims for her students to find ground and centre, enthusiastically encouraging an attitude of strength and “I can do”.   Offering the opportunity for each individual to curiously explore their personal boundary & flourish their positivity and potential.

Personally, her drive for continuous practice are the challenges that life may throw and their acknowedgement in this hologram of experience. The transitionally-evolving effects of that ‘post-practice’ feeling, carves her path to keep on her journey. Spirit is her guidance, stillness is her final daily pursuit, and gratitude is her foremost life philosophy.

Hosting a strong yet fluid core, leg and midline focus, Lucy teaches:

  • Ashtanga
  • Core
  • Hatha
  • Healing
  • Hot
  • Pranayama & Meditation
  • Pilates & Yogilates
  • Restorative
  • Vinyasa L1-3
  • Yin Yang
  • Yin

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  • 0700 : Magical Morning Wakeup
  • 0730: Dynamic Fluid Flow
  • 0900: Power Up Breakfast @ Moonlight
  • 1030: Balance talk on Yoga & Healthy Living


  • 1230: Lunch With Love
  • 1400: An assortment of either afternoon adventure of Treatment Time


  • 1700: Shanti Evening Yoga, Movement, Meditation
  • 1900: Nourish yourself with divine dining


Single Occupancy

Hill Top View 22,250 5488 625 699
Sea View Villa 22,500 6215 707 792
Pool View 24,000 5920 674 754
Pool Access 26,400 6512 740 830

Double Occupancy 

Hill Top View 18,900 4662 530 594
Sea View Villa 20,400 5032 573 641
Pool View 19,800 4884 555 622
Pool Access 21,000 5180 590 660

Early Bird Discount – 2nd August 2019
10% off Accommodation & Yoga ( Exclusing charges for transportation and extra excursion costs)

Pricing exchanges are an estimate as of May 27 2019. All prices shall be officially calculated from Thai Baht upon the day of purchase.

Additional Pricing Notes:
Includes 10% tax
– Visa & Air fare are not included
– Health Insurance is not included
– Sharing Occupancy option includes a double bed only. There is no twin bed option available.

In addition in making your self time more wholesome, you will receive a complimentary Cranio-Sacral & Fascia release treatment, accompanied with a poster analysis & self improvement advice.