Have you ever wonder about the benefits one could get from going on a yoga meditation retreat?

This is a retreat that could certainly make you more aware, conscious about your way of living and get your life in order. This retreat is beneficial to those that are constantly on the go, occupied in their mind and looking for a break-through to finally relax and recharge for 3 weeks.

Nepal Yoga Home will guide you to live a positive and happy life, the way it should be. In this yoga meditation retreat, you will be able to completely relax in a well-supported environment where one can seek learning of different and efficient techniques of yoga and meditation to cope with the everyday life.

This 3 weeks yoga retreat will take you on a personal journey towards building your mind, body and soul. For you to live a life full of purpose and inner balance.




1st to 21st of every month in 2018

Nepal Yoga Home
Yoga & Meditation course

20 nights of accommodation

Group workshops & practical activities

3 Nepali yogic & healthy food daily

Nepali, herbal tea and pure drinking water

Wifi/ internet

Certificate of participation

Free Guideline to explore Kathmandu and Nepal

Yoga books defined in our syllabus

Laundry service

Preferred Meals (outside of what is offered)

Personal Yoga Mat

Pick up/ drop service

Sight-seeing cost

Sleeping bags and bags

Visa Fee (Travel, medical insurance and airport tax)

Accommodation in a case of early arrival



Nepal Yoga Home

Additional information

Length of stay> 10 Days
21 Days Yoga & Meditation Retreat US$1500

Life-Changing Yoga Meditation Retreat Breakdown

  • More than 50 postures from basic asanas group, Pawanmuktasana Part I, II,III Sun Salutation, moon Salutations and many more
  • Various types of Dhyana (Meditation)
  • Yoga Style : Patanjali base Astanga yoga and research based Hatha Yoga.
  • Pranayama (breathing exercise) over 15 types of pranayama
  • Yogic Relaxation
  • Mantra Chanting
  • Bandha Introduction and practice
  • Introduction and practice of Chakra Meditation and Chakra cleaning process
  • Shatkarma (6 types of cleansing) & other techniques for detox
  • Introduction and practice of Pratyahara
  • Introduction and practice of Dhahran
  • Introduction to different Yoga: Raja yoga, hatha yoga, karma yoga etc

For more in-depth details on the main components you are going to learn in this retreat, please refer to Nepal Home yoga here

Typical Schedule

7-8.30am Yoga Asanas (Yoga Posture)
8:30-9am Tea Break
9-10am Self-Practice
10-11am Breakfast
11-1pm Rest/ Hiking – Sight Scene
1-2pm Yogic Relaxation
2-3pm Lunch
3-3.30pm Rest
3.30pm-4.30pm Meditation + Stretching + Breathing
5-6pm Tea Break
6-7pm Yoga Philosophy/ Mantra Chanting
7-8pm Dinner
8pm Time for bed