10 Days
De-Stress, Meditation

This retreat is suitable for beginners and intermediate practitioners.

Do you want to live a conscious, vital and happy life?
Join OmMaYaOm for a journey of Self-discovery, to awaken to what limits you from being truly happy.
Let’s make a conscious stop and start to reflect on your life, and gain the much needed clarity and focus to live the right life for you. You will be able to meet and overcome the challenges life presents you, by investigating your mind. You will explore your ways of thinking and notice how they affect your feelings, behaviour and actions.

Benefits of Retreat 

Each day you will go deep into understanding the relationship between your body and mind. You will practice a variety of different techniques including conscious breathing and movement, Yoga, practical inquiry, thought-provoking questions, stimulating discussions, meditation, qigong, and more.

The retreat format flows from dynamic and tailored to your needs 1-on-1 to group meetings. When you have completed the retreat, you will begin to notice that your perspective of life has changed; you will experience more openness and alertness.

We will open up and discuss over topics that relate to your daily life, such as relationships, money, body, sexuality, lifestyle, habits and more. We will raise all kinds of issues from the world to discuss, from which you can learn a great deal about yourself. You will connect to yourself through your body, feelings, and way of thinking. You will be more conscious of yourself and become familiar the mechanism by which you live, think, and act.

10 Days 9 Nights Retreat
Multiple Dates Available

24/02/20 | 11/03/20 | 28/03/20


Sen Monorom is the capital of Mondulkiri, Cambodia’s largest province — here you find a real chance to immerse yourself in nature. A Serene, Beautiful, and Natural get-away from city life. You can enjoy a relaxed, gentler pace of life than elsewhere, amid a genuinely friendly population. Sen Monorom is one of the least visited areas in Cambodia and many of the ethnic groups still live much as they always have. Monorom is a small town. Visitors come for adventure activities outside of town. Of great appeal is the weather, which gets downright chilly at night in the colder months of the dry season (November-April), and offers a refreshing change from the heat and humidity of Cambodia’s flat lowlands. From December to February, a warm jumper is essential here for the evenings.

Arrival by airplane
You can choose to fly into Phnom Penh International Airport (PNH) or Siem Reap International Airport (REP) in Cambodia. You can get to the retreat center by minivan from Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Phnom Penh

6 hours drive, 10 dollars for a single ticket

Siem Reap

9 hours drive, 18 dollars for a single ticket.

If you want us to arrange this transportation for you, we will be happy to assist.
From the bus station in Sen Monorom town, kindly take a tuk-tuk to our retreat center, best known to the locals as “Monnyvan Hotel”, will take about five minutes drive, and will cost 1 USD. This is where we are located!

INCLUDED 10 nights’ accommodation in a private room
Conscious Movement (Yoga, Chi Gong, Walking, Pranayama)
Daily Meditation Practices
Group gathering and 1-on-1 sessions
3 vegan meals per day, Vegan treats, Coffee, Herbal tea, Water
Self-inquiry and Investigation of Limiting Belief
Flights Transport from and to the airport
Bus Transport from and to the Center
Taxi Transport from and to the Center

Accommodation at OmMaYaOm is in private single high-standard rooms with attached bathroom and hot shower.

Wi-fi is available in all the private single rooms.


You will be served simple and delicious vegan meals per day, all made with fresh local ingredients.

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Organic

Typical Day: 

*05:00 Wake up into silence
*05:20 Meditation practice
*06:15 Conscious movement
*08:00 Breakfast
*08:30 Personal time, 1-on-1 meeting
*10:00 Meditation practice
*11:00 Group gathering, inquiry, discussion
*13:00 Lunch
*13:30 Personal time: rest, self-study/practice
*16:00 Meditation practice
*16:45 Group meeting, discussion, inquiry
*17:30 Conscious Movement
*19:00 Light dinner (optional- they advise not eating after lunch until the next morning)
*19:30 Evening gathering: questions and answers, sharing, one on one meeting
*21:00 Silent time


Yigal Lenman

Yigal has the ability to guide people to find the way within themselves. In the last 15 years, he has supported beings to make transformation in their lives. Working alongside Yigal is dynamic, refreshing and challenging. Yigal can adapt himself to what a person has a passion to delve deeper into. He has the tools to challenge the people around him, to not give up, to leave their comfort zone, ask questions, inquire their beliefs and find their way to live a nourishing, fulfilling and satisfying life.


USD550 – For entire retreat per person

Deposit Amount: 10% of total cost – USD55

Terms and Conditions applies