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Home to some of the most luxurious and beautiful private island resorts (most featuring overwater bungalows and suites), the Maldives offers the ultimate setting for a dream vacation, honeymoon or family escape.

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Hi Om Seekers! Its been a long hiatus we have taken due to the pandemic, but we are back! Stronger than ever. We chose to visit Como Shambhala Estate during our visit to Bali when Bali first opened their borders to quarrantine-free visitors. Do have a look at our Ig highlights to see how easy it is to travel to Bali now. Without further ado, lets deep dive into the property! GROUNDS The Como Shambhala… [...]

There are boundless types of retreats. What is a Yoga Retreat and its Different Types? From Yoga Retreats in Bali and India, we break it down for you. Are all fitness retreats the same? No, they aren't. [...]

Packing List Firstly, you would want to suss out the temperature and weather of the retreat location. Pack all the clothes you would need to protect you from the cold, or swim in the ocean. Do pack your medicines, vitamins, sunblock, mosquito repellants and your basic necessities. Do pack your cameras and phones to document your trip., do not forget the charging cables and a universal plug. Very import for some, is a journal. You… [...]