The Greek islands are one of the most beautiful in the world! The blue Agean sea reflected on the white walls of the houses that line quaint cobblestones just soothe the soul, and quieten the mind.
The islands are just perfect yoga retreats and wellness holidays as they just transport you to a different world.

Many first-time visitors arrive in Greece with specific images in mind and are surprised to discover a country with such regional and architectural diversity. The famous whitewashed homes and charming blue-domed churches only characterize a specific region of the country (the Cycladic islands).

Architecture varies greatly from one region to the next depending on the local history. Visitors will find Neoclassical architecture in the cities of Ermoupolis and Nafplio, Ottoman-influenced buildings in Grevená and Kozáni, whitewashed Cycladic homes on the island of Páros, and pastel-colored baroque homes and churches on Corfu.

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