How do you curate the retreats listed on Om & Away?

We handpick the retreats that are listed here. We have either visited them ourselves, or have a recommendation from a friend or customer. So rest assured that the retreats here are of the utmost excellence and quality.

Great! So from those you have chosen, how do I choose a retreat for me to go on?

You can have a read on our blog, we do write about them. From there you can have a sense of how they are like. Then it depends on the dates, availability and your choice of location.


After you have shortlisted your choices, we reckon to use your intuition! You know yourself best!

What can I expect on a retreat?

You can expect to get away from the hustle-bustle of everyday life, experience wonderful parts of the world, have the time to go within and recharge your batteries.

Come back awakened, with a glow that lasts for weeks after you have returned.

Feel your body vibrating with so much joy and love that your friends and family notice a different you!

What food can I expect?

In the retreat description, the provider usually describes the food they provide. And it’s mostly nutrition laden with all of nature’s goodness.

Good food, good people, good environment…lots of goodness 🙂

I feel like taking a time out from my regular life, should I go on the retreat alone?

O definitely.

A lot of people want some timeout from their lives and they embark on this journey solo, which means you’ll be amongst people having a similar experience. Some of us might just want “alone-time”, or some of us might want to seek new friendships.

Retreats are an incredible place to make great life-long friends. There’s something about going through the retreat experience that can really create strong bonds.

I’m looking forward to making friends then!

Yes. You’re with a group of adventurous, like-minded, and usually awesome people who are all going through an experience together.

As one retreat participant said: “A friend made on a yoga retreat can ultimately become a friend for life.”

Do I need yoga experience to go on a yoga retreat?

Most retreats are able to accommodate everyone from total beginners to advanced yogis.

There should be other activities for you to do should you decide not to participate in the yoga sessions. Each retreat will list what skill levels they cater to so you don’t have to worry. Just check the highlights section of each retreat listing to see.

When should I book?

Lots of retreats have early-bird options which can save you hundreds of dollars, so we recommend booking as early as possible.

Retreats also fill up so if you find one that speaks to you, jump on it.

Some retreats have cancellation policies that allow you to get all or some of your deposit back if you need to cancel. Make sure to check each retreat’s cancellation policy to see.

If something crops up and I cant make the retreat, is my booking refundable?

They are refundable up to a certain time frame. This depends on the cancellation policy of the retreat.

Are flights included?

No, they are not. So you should book your own flights, look out for local deals!

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