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What are wellness, health, yoga retreats and how do I book one?

Today we answer the most frequently asked questions that we receive.

What is a wellness retreat? What is a health retreat? 

Many people have asked, “What really, is that?” Hence we decided to sit down and answer your questions are fully as we can. Yoga retreats are more understandable, but we will break it down for you as well.

What goes on these retreats?

There are many different types of Wellness Retreats and holidays. Most, if not all of these retreats are set in the most beautiful locations – in Bali, Peru, Koh Samui, Spain for starters. You are put up in a resort, villa or lodging and you will spend most of your time there.

While, you are luxuriating in your accommodation, you will have a program for the duration of the retreat. This will depend on the retreat you are on. If it is a Fitness Retreat, you may be put on a workout program, if it is a Weight Loss Retreat, you may be put on a series of classes, and a cleanse for example. 

What are the different types of retreats? What are the more popular ones?

There are boundless types of retreats. What is a Yoga Retreat and its Different Types? From Yoga Retreats in Bali and India, we break it down for you. Are all fitness retreats the same? No, they aren’t. Even in Thailand, there are numerous Fitness and Health Retreats in just one state. There are sports focussed ones like Thanyapura and health focussed ones like Chiva Som.

There are many hybrid retreats as well. You have yoga retreats with surf, or meditation or spa or detox or hiking! So if you are not on a Yoga Teacher Training, most retreats will have other experiential activities packed in the program, and not just yoga! Find out if you are ready for a Yoga Teacher Training.

Getting more mainstream are Meditation, Sleep and Mindfulness Retreats. These are more calming retreats, bringing you on an inward journey. And some for some of us – its just what we need.

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What do I eat?

Most retreats include meals. Alot of the feedback that we get from our guests is that they are always fed very well! The food is always delicious; it is because alot of care attention is paid to nourishing you well during these retreats. If you are looking to hone your culinary skills, here is one raw food cooking retreat in Bali.

Will I make friends? Can I bring my family?

Can you go to these retreats by yourself? That is probably the best part of these retreats. It is absolutely perfect if you travel alone as you will meet other people in the same retreat. Most of them will become your friends for life as you go through these life changing experiences together. 

If you would like to experience a as a family with your children, or connect at a retreat as a couple, we have options for you.

So now that I have decided to go on a retreat, how do I find the right one for me? 

There are two ways to go about this.

Firstly, decide if you which type of retreat would you like to go on – Yoga Retreat, Fitness Retreat, Mindfulness Retreat, Spa Retreat. Then research extensively, on Google, Facebook groups and Om & Away to find a retreat that you relate to. Look out for reviews, activities included, accommodation types if comfort is important to you. Some retreats are located off the beaten track, so enquire to make sure transport is provided.  We at Om & Away are always here to answer any questions. 

Alternatively, you may also have a location that you want to visit. Like Bali or Angkor Wat in Siam Reap, and would like to do a retreat there. Sure! You can start of by choosing the country, and look at what retreat options that country offers, by looking at Yoga retreats in Bali, or Fitness Retreats in Thailand.

There are also other factors like cost, duration, skills and pre-requisites. After you have done your research, the easiest step is to make the booking. Just drop us a mail at and we will take care of you from there.

How do I prepare for my retreat?

Sometimes, there is pre-work to be done before the retreat, like fasting, or reading some material. It is all very exciting as you prepare in anticipation for the exciting 10 days!

The most fun prep, is the packing for your trip! Here is a guide on packing for your first retreat.

So to help you make the first move on this decision, we have created a quick questionaire to help lead you in the right direction. Click here to answer these 3 questions.

Cheers to the start of the best decision you have made for yourself! Have an amazing time and the most fruitful retreat!

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