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In This Together – Together We Rise

We don’t need to say any more about the profound and widespread impact of COVID-19; it is now woven through each of our daily lives. Unexpected start to the decade, for sure – and here we are.

For those of us privileged with a safe home, supportive community and resources, this is in the very least creating what feels like a whole new perspective on how we live each day.

More than ever it is time to commit to purifying our internal space, to find grounding internally when the external is a swirl. From this center, attachments to ways of being and material comforts naturally fall away. We pick out the stillness amongst the wildness of our surroundings. We see ourselves in those around us and feel deep shifts within us as we respond to these truths.

Take comfort in knowing you are not alone in facing these challenges. Our tribe is powerful and so is a commitment to ourselves and our wellbeing. When we root down in our practice, we find the equanimity needed to approach each situation with peace and trust, and we find the support we need in a world connected by a unified spirit.

During these quiet and introspective times, Om & Away wants to be here for you online in all the ways! 

Learn some of wellness tips below for dealing with the current social distancing happening all around the world. We can discover balance together through diving deep and connecting with our Self. 

1. Journal, write a poem or song, paint or draw… tap into your playful feminine side. 
2. Dance like no one’s watching … because they aren’t! Put on your favorite tunes and let loose!
3. Make yourself a cup of cacao and tune into your heart space. Cacao is one of our best friends. 
4. Video chat your friends and family on Zoom when you are feeling a need for connection. Talk about the deep stuff.
5. Read books that inspire you on your spiritual journey. We have a whole list here you can check out, and our blog post below on some herbs you can take to stay healthy during these crazy times.
6. Take a walk out in nature in the neighbourhood park, but don’t venture too far! Smell a flower and put it behind your ear so it can whisper to you the secrets to life. 
7. Plan your next trip for when the craziness has settled. Get a map out, close your eyes and choose your next destination! Manifest that magic!
8. Do lots of yoga and meditation. Go inwards and do some flow with us. Check out out Instagram for updates.
9. Cook something yummy like our vegan sausage stew below or make some cookies … get creative in the kitchen! 

Keep well and stay healthy!

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