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Top tips to Brighten Your Daily Routine

Top tips to Brighten Your Daily Routine

The smallest things make the biggest difference.

Wake Up Fresh. Resist the urge to touch your cell phone. Instead, stretch and wiggle around in bed. Smile up to the heavens and thank the universe for another beautiful day. Set an intention for your day before getting up slowly and starting your morning madness.

Turn O Your Text and Email Notifications. Whoa! This one is fun, right? Let go of your need to be in control every moment of every day and just exist. Having less distractions means being able to focus more on the important things, like the people around you. Don’t miss out on real feelings while buried in electronics deciding which emoji best represents how you feel.

Stop, Drop and Excercise. It’s as easy as that… Stop. Drop. And exercise. It’s exhilarating, and often the perfect break from daily routines that we’ve been craving. Doing yoga is one of the perfect ways to feel good in your body and destress. Read more on how yoga can change your life here.

Declutter. Cleanse, rearrange, get rid of, and simplify. This applies to the mind, body, spirit, and your environment. Tidy up your bedroom and work space. Take deep breaths often to reset the body and brain. Streamline your thought process: Think less, do more. Read how a Gen-Y got rid of everything he had here and if you haven’t read about Tidying up with Marie Kondo, you wouldn’t want to missed it! 

Write Things Down. Instead of spending your day typing, texting, and adding to your digital calendar, pick up one of those things we used to call “pencils” and write. Jot down your to-do list, write a love note, or take notes by hand.

Relax. Rewind. Startover

Play Outside. Have you lost your connection to nature? Step outside and notice the smell of the weather, stare into the clouds, and lay in the grass. Share the shade of a tree with a friend and have a picnic, star gaze with a lover, or take an evening walk. Resuscitate your connection with Mother Earth.

Most importantly, be good to yourself.


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