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    5 Ways To Detox Your Body At Home

    Following up from our article in January, I would like to dwell a little deeper on the topic of detox. Detoxification is the process where the body gets rid of unwanted toxins because of environmental pollution, or consumption of excessive…

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    The wonders of Thanyapura

    Thanyapura Health & Sport Resort is known for its world-class sports facilities, thorough and thoughtful approach on professional coaching in Phuket, Thailand.¬†It is a peaceful environment to the development of the body, mind and soul. Their utmost commitmment is to…

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    12 Benefits of Detoxing

    Ever wonder why that lady you see on the bus stand every morning looks refresh, nothing excess on the waist and has clear skin despite the crazy humid weather? Well, the secret could easily be the art of detox!¬†Detoxification is…