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Remedy Spa, St Regis Singapore Is The Luxury Day Spa You Need To Tick Off Your Bucket List

 Om & Away recently curated a retreat to celebrate St Regis Singapore Remede Spa 10th year anniversary. Needless to say, we had to try out the services and facilities at the spa. The bespoke spa facilities and a list-long spa menu welcome us with its wide varieties of spa treatments, and customised packages. The salon uses renowned Baja Paris skincare products. Inspired by emotions, Baja Paris is a natural and sensorial product that stimulates sensorial memories.

Throughout the retreat at the St Regis suite,  we had a lovely whiff of its scented candles and room spray that uplifted all of our senses and really calmed the mind and body. We love it so much that  we  automatically become accustomed to this particular fragrance that it immediately soothe our minds instantly when we caught a whiff of it again in the spa.

What is the vibe of at the place?

Remede spa is located at the second floor of St Regis Singapore and the entire spa area is approx 9,000 sq ft, a good size for a city spa. The concept of the spa was based on water as a primary element and its therapeutic properties. The three spacious shower room was each walled with huge slate tiles, a deep warm grey hue that gave a sense of harmony with complete calmness. Equipped with rain shower jet, you could simply adjust the water temperature using the knob built in the wall right opposite. The locker area is spacious with 10 compartments. You will find the your 100% cotton bath robe, disposable room slippers, shower cap and disposable underwear in your own locker. You may choose to change out here or in one of the three toilets adjacent to the locker area. The moment you set your feet in the spa, the tone is set for a relaxing experience.

What do they do best here and what you can do to get your best out of this spa experience?

We were advised to arrive 15 minutes before the treatment but we suggest for you to arrive an hour earlier to enjoy the spa facilities before your treatment begins. The friendly spa personnel will walk you through the entire area and introduce the facilities during your first visit, making sure that you know how to operate the steam room, sauna, rain shower or even how to use the ice fountain after a hot sauna/steam bath.

We especially love the hydro-massage pool, where you can sit against the underwater jets and allowing the warmth in the water to soothe your tired body. It was big enough to share with others but on the two separate ocassions we were there,  we had the entire whirlpool to ourselves, no crowding issue, which one of the huge pluses for us.
Take time to sit quietly at the spa garden, an outdoor area  next to the hydro-massage pool, it is a great palce for a silent meditation and to tune-in before your treatment.

What do we like best about the treatments?

Charlyn’s review on the 30 minutes body scrub and 30 minutes foot massage:

The modern treatment room is neat and clean. Single occupancy or couple suites, they have a total 7 rooms. The treatments for today was a 30min scrub and a 30min foot massage. I chose the green tea and jasmine as the aromatherapy fragrance for this session. My therapist used sugar crystals with this fragrance to scrub me down. I laid down the the bed and the therapist did her magic.

The next part was the foot massage. This therapist had a great technique. I am a fan of foot massages and haven been to many foot reflexologies, so I recognize a good technique when I see one. She put her knuckle in at the exact right spots, I could feel the build up ease away as she held her hold. After 1/2 hour I felt the benefits of the reflexology.

Elaine’s review on the pre natal massage:

I am 6 months pregnant and starting to experience back aches and sore hips, and I was recommended a 60 minutes pre –natal massage with fragrance free argan oil. The room was at a comfortable temparture and I was laid down on my side with a leg over a side pillow. The therapist began to work her magic as her rub down was a gentle yet firm (on my back and shoulder) masage.

Along with the gentle nudge, my therpaist who had over 8 years of experience kneaded my tired body into a state of calm serene bliss. As she switched to massaging my legs, the gentle pressure with well trained techniques gave me such a sense of relief that I started to doze off. I had a amazing therapist and she provided a therapeutic massage to all major parts of my body in just 60 minutes.

After treatment tips from our founder and co-founder:

After the treatment, take a moment to sit at the waiting area where you will be served hot tea of your choice, plus a small tray of chocolates. You can continue with the relaxing journey by observing the fishes at the mini aquarium next to the couch. Read a magazine available on the rack if you wish,  and you will feel that your spa trip is 100% complete.

For our readers, you would get a free 30min massage or 30min scrub with any 60 min treatment booked, just quote “SRS x OMANDAWAY”. Be sure to call them to book your appointment in advance. Weekend slots are hard to get especially during festive and peak periods.

“Be Good To Yourself”

Charlyn and Elaine

Founder and Co-Founder of Om & Away

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