Om and Away’s Handpicked Retreat Ideas for 2020

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Because how else are you going to make the best of 2020 without being good to yourself?

Think about being good to yourself. Maybe you envision waking up to a beautiful sunrise, rejuvenating with a beach yoga session, rehydrating with nutritious smoothies in every colour of the rainbow and relaxing at the spa as a caring therapist kneads your body from head to toe. Ahhh—how dreamy.

If there’s ever a perfect time to pause, escape the daily grind, and recharge, it’s now. Life is interest of your long-term health, it might be time to re-prioritize and reset. In fact, taking time out has been scientifically proven to boost productivity and make you live longer. And what better way to implement a true shift in your perspective than literally Om Away to somewhere, you know, new and epic for a wellness experience?

Are you in the mood to escape to your inner joy? Consider a wellness retreat. They’re an ideal way to break routine and reassess habits with the help of nutrition, fitness, or mindfulness experts. We spotlight five of the best wellness experience, whether they are to build stress resilience, practice self-love, or tap into your spiritual side, these wellness retreats are specially handpicked by Om&Away’s team and reviewed by experts.

Book one of these five amazing wellness retreats to relax, recharge, and realign your life.

Into the Heart of the Jungle Dragon Chocolate Retreat

How does Chocolate make you feel? How does this ancient superfood stimulate creativity, happiness, and sensuality while also fuelling your body and mind? We invite you to discover these answers for yourself while immersed in the experience of crafting with Cacao in a primordial jungle oasis… Join us in a chocolate making extravaganza, galavant with us through the wild Jungles of Belize and commune with the natural world through movement, sound, and ceremony. Discover the myriad benefits of this Chocolate retreat here.

A fully immersive 7-Day Radical Honesty experience in the Costa Rican rainforest

Do you want to go deep into practicing Radical Honesty while detoxing from modern city life?

Cascada Elysiana has created a truly radical retreat in the lush Costa Rican jungle. For a whole week, you will be living amongst toucans and monkeys in the heart of the rainforest to reconnect with your body and learn to express yourself in a true and vulnerable way.

You will stay at the remote Eco-Lodge Cascada Elysiana, surrounded by pristine green nature, waterfalls, and breathtaking hiking trails. In this picturesque environment, you will come face-to-face with your instincts and strip away all that is not you. But don’t worry: they have comfortable beds, professionally prepared meals, a nearby beach and bonfires to relax.

Learn more about this beautiful retreat here.

Conscious Living Holistic Retreat in Cambodia 

Do you want to live a conscious, vital and happy life?

Join OmMaYaOm for a journey of Self-discovery, to awaken to what limits you from being truly happy.

Let’s make a conscious stop and start to reflect on your life, and gain the much needed clarity and focus to live the right life for you. You will be able to meet and overcome the challenges life presents you, by investigating your mind. You will explore your ways of thinking and notice how they affect your feelings, behaviour and actions. Discover more here.

Japan Ritual Renewal Retreat 

Join Eat Pray Move for a special week of deep renewal as we explore the power of ritual to bring us into the present moment and into the flow state. Their RITUAL+RENEWAL retreats combine a look at the ancient tradition of tea ceremony (not as a beverage, but about the ancient tradition of a meditation around the entire process), as well as a daily flow and/or yin yoga class. We promise you will leave better equipped with the knowledge of how to be present, slow down and how to make personal rituals a new habit! Check out this amazing retreat in Japan here.

McLaren Vale Yoga & Wine Retreat

Getaway to one of the most versatile destinations on the planet, Mclaren Vale. World class wine, stunning beaches, delectable farm to table cuisine, a buzzing art scene and a laid back country feel are just some of what this special place has to offer. This is THE spot to truly de-stress, energise and unwind.

There’s nowhere else in the world like South Australia’s McLaren Vale, but if you were to make a comparison Italy’s Amalfi Coast would come close if you switched cosmopolitan for country. Picture this… 30km of rugged coastline backing onto bountiful farms and vineyards, flanked by the Mt Lofty Ranges that define the regions borders. Team this jaw dropping landscape with a mediterranean climate that heavily influences the food and wine offerings and you have yourself a little piece of Europe just 45 minutes south of Adelaide. 

Each morning begins with a gentle yoga session and the days are spent sampling the best the region has to offer.

Discover more on what you will be experiencing on this unique retreat here.

So, what are you waiting for?

Check out Om&Away to find a perfect wellness holiday for yourself.

Be good to yourself,

The Om girls

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