Interview With Audrey D’Cotta, Founder The Moving Body Group

10 inspiring things about the Founder of The Moving Body Group

This week we speak to Audrey, the Founder of The Moving Body Group.

1. Tell us about your business, how long you have been doing it and who your customers are?

 I founded The Moving Body in 2009 with the vision of teaching movement to people to help improve their daily lives and activities.

2. What were you doing before entrepreneurship?

I was a research analyst for the civil service then a fitness coordinator before teaching Pilates.

3. What is the vision when you started up The Moving Body Group?

To be a studio that has the best equipment and instructors in the region. We teach our clients with the goal to help them understand their bodies better and not just to burn calories.

4. Where do you see the future of The Moving Body Group? 

A longstanding trusted brand for movement education and services in SEA.

5. Tell us your number 1 biggest business challenge?

Managing people and influencing people to have the same vision.

6. What motivates you personally?

To be better than what I am today.

7. What is your personal ethos?

Honesty, wisdom and compassion guide my decisions.

8. How do you inspire others to seek to improve themselves  in their pilates journey?

By being a role model myself.

9. Do you have a wellness routine? What is it?

Yes I do a combination of interval training and Pilates and Gyrotonic during the week.

10. Tell us your favorite place to travel to? 

Disneyland – it is the happiest place on earth. I have attended leadership courses with Disney and the organization itself is amazing. Their company culture and what they represent is instilled in their staff and employees.

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