5 Minutes With Brandon Chong (@Branstands)

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

I’m Brandon 28, an Entrepreneur and Yoga Instructor. I founded Instiinct Studios 2 years ago and I’ve been doing lifestyle curation for Gastro Arts Collective which is a new project i am embarking on with an amazing team. I believe in keeping creative in all my endeavors and hope to inspire people to create magic.

2. What is your wellness/fitness routine? 

Well it varies, but on average, while teaching Yoga everyday and doing yoga everyday (Comes with the Job), I believe in a holistic workout routine, in which i incorporate functional weight training twice a week as well as high intensity sessions twice a week as well. I try to have a run session at least once a week as I enjoy taking nice evening runs with my friends.

3. Where is your favourite travel destination?

 I have the travel bug, so i love travelling everywhere. But if I have to pick out of the places I have travelledto; I’d pick the Australian beaches, as well as Whistler Mountains as they bring me a sense of serenity and freedom.

4. What are the places or retreats you would recommend to people for a travel wellness experience? 

For a wellness experience, I’d say Sri Lanka as well as Bali. These places just give me a sense of history and calmness at the selected places. I also love how raw these places are, allowing one to connect with oneself, in nature and culture.
I went to Ipoh recently and visited Banjaran Hot Springs and did a wellness retreat there. It was amazing, read more about this retreat with my mom here.

5. Why do you think it’s important to prioritise your health and wellbeing and how do you keep this at the forefront when life starts to become overwhelming?

Health and mental wellbeing come hand in hand. One cannot live without the other. Thus balance is key. Everyone knows that we need to keep our lives in balance. But have we had the time to pause and really cared for our own wellbeing before life gets overwhealming? Keeping our life in check both physically and mentally is so important especially to have happy relationships with others and of course yourself. With the increasingly stressful work culture and how fast paced life has become in a metropolitan city, life can get and often gets “crazy”, thus awareness is key.

6. Everyone’s idea of self-care is different, please tell us about yours?

My self care is making time for me time. So for me time, i like to travel, or to get a massage or even to spend time at home to listen to music, and to take my mind away from work by playing mobile games.

7. What is your personal ethos?

My personal ETHOS is to always dream big, and to always be grateful. I’m the sort who dare to dream my dreams to reality and I am always grateful every step of the way.

8. If there is 1 wellness tip you swear by, what would that be?

Laughter. Cause it really is the best medicine, why take life so seriously?


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