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A New Year, 2019– Not the only time to make a profound change. Manifesting a lifestyle for the sake of your health and fitness is something you can do any time of the year- not just on a New Year. But we also understand the excitement and fervor for a fresh start to the new year and here are some tips for you to achieve your fitness goals.

With that in mind, all these tips can be applied at any time. 

A large part of good health is about focusing on how you FEEL. There are three important consideration for keeping up with a sustainable healthy lifestyle. 1) Balance 2) Flexibility 3) Simplicity

You need to be able to find a balance for your diet, workouts and ME-time to help yourself be consistent in your progress. Similarly, for flexibility, your healthy lifestyle should still be able to accommodate some of the things you want to do (such as going out for dinner with friends) or you may feel overwhelmed and deprived which would demotivate you eventually. Finally, if your workout and diet are not simple enough for you to follow, it may be very hard for you to stay on track.

Here are our top tips for creating healthy habits and achieving your fitness goals: 

Find out what LOVE doing
In order to keep up a sustainable and consistent lifestyle or fitness routine, you need to find out what you love doing and what suits you best. Every workout is different and every workout is a good workout. But, not all workout is good for everyone. To find what you love doing, you need to stay open and try as many things as possible. By trying out different workouts, you will eventually have a better idea of what you enjoy and what you don’t enjoy doing. There is something for everyone and you have to find it for yourself.

Make small changes 
One of the biggest problems is that people are always trying to change multiple aspects of their life, like their diet and training routine, at the same time and feeling overwhelmed or giving up shortly after. 

Instead, try making one or two small changes to start with. Once those behaviour changes start to feel like part of your routine, make one or two more. Don’t try to rush in and do everything at once, it may become difficult to maintain this in the beginning. 

Set a timeframe

You should not overestimate how soon you’ll achieve your goals, but you also don’t want to leave it at “sometime this year.” Setting specific goals while still being realistic is best. Try reminding yourself by setting notifications on your calendar for when you are halfway toward achieving your goal, and another for when you’re hoping to cross it off your list.

Be kind to yourself 
I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ The same thing applies to establishing healthy lifestyle habits! It can take time to break bad habits, so be kind to yourself as you try to adjust. If you have a bad week, that’s okay! Don’t focus on what you did ‘wrong’ — just focus on how you can improve next week. 

This highlights the importance of setting realistic goals. Placing too much pressure on yourself can leave you feeling defeated, particularly if your efforts fall short. The trick is to aim for balance, not for perfection. 

Adjusting to a healthy lifestyle can be challenging and you may find yourself going forward and backwards. Motivation is great to help you get started. But remember, it’s what you do when your health and fitness motivation starts to run low that really counts! 

The best tip would be to start slowly and aim to manifest a lifestyle that you are happy to continue in the long-term. Most importantly, be good to yourself and enjoy the journey! You can do this!

Be Good To Yourself,

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