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How I Manifested My Dream Of Sharing YOGA

So here you are, you are curious about yoga… I like that!! 

Who would have thought I’d be writing and sharing a piece of my heart about yoga, being called a yoga girl by my friends, and even a yoga teacher one day? Not me. But it happened, and today as I pour my heart to share with you my yoga journey and RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, I hope you take away the parts that resonate with you and interpret for yourself to find what’s been calling within you. 

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Living a healthy lifestyle is a top priority for me and almost 3 years into practicing yoga,  I have experienced organic transformation. The benefits of this practice became so palpable and powerful that I wanted to share yoga especially with people whom I care about. It was also the intuitive step in my growth as a student to want to learn more about the practice and deepen my personal practice that led me to complete my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. 

Committing to a 200 hr YTT is no doubt, very daunting. But there were some compelling signs that eventually led me to this journey and it was one of the best decisions I have made for myself. 

  1. I wanted MORE

I wanted to move beyond the physical practice. While I love how yoga has made me feel good in my own body and made me stronger physically, it was the mental shifts that I’ve experienced as a result of a consistent practice that evoked my whole sense of being and I craved for more. I was very intrigued to know why… How does yoga actually work? Why does it make me feel this way?

2. I believe so much in the practice and felt compelled to share 

When I began practicing yoga consistently, I started to feel the effects of this unification and connection to my true essence. The liberation of being able to get out of your head and into your body grants you to be fully alive, fully human and completely awake. I wanted to dive deeper to continue the exploration of myself and share this beautiful practice with everyone. The practice of yoga has the ability to shed layers upon layers of conditioning. This reveals our authentic self. People often asked me why do I love yoga so much, and I cannot express myself fully how I feel. It is magic. I cannot force you to do yoga- you have to feel it for yourself. If you want to commit to your yoga practice or anything for that matter, find a reason that pulls your heart and beckons to your soul. Come to your yoga mat to feel; not to accomplish. 

3. I wanted to be connected with like-minded & passionate yogis

Not many of my friends do yoga. But my friends know that when I talk about yoga, my eyes light up and they can tell how passionate I am. I was craving to be surrounded by people who share the same passion as me and being able to practice alongside my fellow practitioners inspires and humbles me. I can only imagine teacher training provides a beautiful cocoon for like-minded people to gather and learn about what they love the most, yoga. 

The hardest part is showing up. With yoga, some days doing my best means a sweaty powerful Vinyasa flow, and checking off my entire to-do list. Other days, doing my best means lying on my mat for 5 minutes while I close my eyes and breathe with my belly.

All of us fluctuate like the moon and the tides. Some days the work comes easily. Some days, it just doesn’t, and it can be really hard. But it is those hard days that I need to remember why I started and why it matters to my heart.

I may have never felt ready for yoga teacher training but I showed up on my mat every day, all this while peeling back the layers of myself in a safe space and eventually uncovered the answers to my doubts.

I took a leap of faith to enrol myself in a 200 hour YTT at one of my favourite studios in Melbourne and it has been one of the best investment I have made for myself. 

A day after the training ended, I found myself crying in the middle of the night. I was immensely overwhelmed with so much emotions. In that split second, I felt intense emotions exploding within me, almost like a flash of my entire life in front of my eyes. I knew how yoga has worked my body after so much physical practice, but because I was too busy practicing and studying, I didn’t have time to think of anything else so to speak. In introspection, I was already working with the mind and the energy system which is the bridge between body and mind. And when I could finally close a chapter (my 200hr teacher training), that was when I started feeling again. They say YTT is transformational, now I understand.

One of the greatest lessons I have learnt is that if your goal will nurture your soul and you understand what matters is doing your best, however that looks, then… All you have to do is begin. The rest will take care of itself.

You’re already here, so…have faith. Not everyone can touch their toes – and that’s not the point. But everyone can do the work. Everyone can look within. To feel. To move. To breathe. & To share this practice 😉


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