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Hello Glow! ✨Detox Post Festivities For A Brand New You!

Time to pack away those Christmas lights and start thinking about that 2019 new year glow. One of the things that I am truly grateful for is….food. If you don’t realize by now, food decisions are one of those many decisions we make on a daily basis. In fact, you probably think about food choices so often that it becomes a subconscious habit. Add kids to the equation, and the aisles along the supermarkets will become a familiar feature in your weekend shopping trips.  

We all go overboard with eating during the festivities and if you overdid it, you will feel bloated and even nausea.  Guess what?  It’s all right, because tomorrow it will be back to moderation with these tips I will share with you. By no means does detoxing have to be about crash diets or substituting food with juices. In fact, you can do a detox without depriving yourself of eating. What you need is to shift your eating habits to healthier whole foods with less meat and sugar. I know this sounds familiar, but I will share with you the most efficient and the easiest way to detox and give your body a nutrition boost during breakfast time. 

Breakfast time is especially important, because your body would have been in starvation mode when you are sleeping, and giving it the best nutrition in the morning is the best way to set your intention for the day. Breakfast meals are also one of the easiest meals to put together, it takes you less than fifteen minutes for most of the recipes that I am sharing with you, perfect for the busy professionals or stay home mothers. 

The trick for detox and weight loss apart from choosing what you eat for breakfast is to give your body at least 15 hours of downtime by not eating. This intermittent starving has a lot of health benefits from weight loss to hormonal control and overall wellbeing. I will share with you more about intermittent fasting in  my next article.

Here are 8 breakfast ideas, full of filling, detox-friendly nutrition that will set you off on the right foot. 

  1. Overnight oats with fruits

Overnight oats are the easiest to make, add some creamy plant based milk and fruits; you will have a luxurious breakfast that is detoxing all at the same time.

Recipe available here : Best Overnight Oats – 8 Ways – Healthy & Easy for busy mornings!

  1. Avocado toast with eggs

A good quality multigrain bread can help your body get rid of toxins and avocados help the body absorb antioxidants better.

Recipe available here: Avocado Toast Recipe with Sunnyside Egg | Skinnytaste

  1. Muesli with dried fruits and seeds

This muesli recipe has a satisfying crunch and keeps you full on hours.

Recipe available here: Homemade Granola with Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruit – The Orgasmic Chef

  1. Green tea chia seeds parfait 

Prepare the night before and assemble with fruits in the morning. Green tea contains catechins that are natural antioxidants and helps prevent cell damage.

Recipe available here: Matcha (Green Tea) Chia Seed Pudding – Oh, How Civilized

  1. Oven baked sweet potato with avocados and eggs.

This hearty breakfast bowl is fiber and antioxidant packed. Omit the eggs if you are on a strict detox diet.

Recipe available here: Oven Baked Sweet Potato with avocados and eggs – Delish

  1. Spinach and smash egg toast

Spinach is full of nutritional benefits such as niacin and zinc, eggs add protein and this combination is a perfect detox breakfast.

Recipe available here: spinach and smashed egg toast – smitten kitchen

  1. Banana blueberry spinach smoothie

This is a perfect pick me up breakfast, add some oats to this recipe and it will keep you full and satisfied for hours.

Recipe available here: Wild Blueberry Banana Spinach Power Smoothie | Ambitious Kitchen

  1. Greek yogurt parfait with berries

Greek yogurt provides protein, calcium, iodine and potassium while keeping you full.

Recipe available here: Berry yoghurt recipe – BBC Food

Keen on going for a detox retreat? Kindly refer to our website for detox wellness holidays ideas. 

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