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Get fit with Amansala

How did Amansala come about and what do you guys offer that is different from other

The program is designed to be a vacation with a purpose. A place where you can come on your own or with a friend or partner to relax on a gorgeous beach, pamper yourself, eat clean simple natural food, move your body and escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

What was the inspiration to create a retreat of this sort?

The inspiration was from my travels. I found that the the nicer the place the more mundane the experience become for anyone traveling alone, especially a woman so I wanted to create an experience that was adventurous, yet safe, that was healthy yet delicious, and that was down to earth but with style and comfort and that had the underlying theme of health and wellness. So after traveling all around the world and having to ask for healthy food or feeling alone sitting in a restaurant ordering my salad, i thought wouldn’t it be nice to be around other like minded people by a beautiful beach and the idea for Bikini Bootcamp came to me……


What advice would you give to someone attending a retreat for the first time?

I would say don’t worry about coming alone as you will not feel alone and will meet other like minded people. I would also say not to worry about keeping up with anyone, the program is about moving your body, having a desire to be better mentally and physically and about remaining open to new experiences.

How in your opinion would a retreat at Amansala benefit a tired and stressed out soul?

In so many ways… The program is not just about exercise but is about reconnecting to yourself and nature on a beautiful beach. It will send one home feeling and looking better than they arrived and lighter in mind and body!

One place to visit in Tulum, Mexico

If you come for Bikini Bootcamp we suggest one night out to reward all that hard work, and there´s no better place in Tulum for a night out then Gitano (meaning Gypsy in Spanish), a hidden disco in the jungle with the best mezcal cocktails in town.

Love, Om & Away Team

Article credits: Skylar Brown

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