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COMO Uma Canggu, a review by Om & Away

The newest kid on the block for the COMO family. Launched in February of 2018, this new chic property has been very popular with the well-heeled Bali holidayers.

I arrive at the property and was greeted by Paulina, the director of sales at the lobby. She exudes warm Indonesian hospitality in a very contemporary setting. The COMO lobby was very bight and clean, very welcoming indeed.

Watch arrival video. 

Play by COMO

The first place we visit is the Kids Club, Play by COMO. We walked into a kids yoga class in session. While the teacher and her care was woof-ing like dogs in their downward dogs, we roamed about the huge playroom. They had a craft area, and a play area with wooden and organic toys. It was such a treat to my eyes.

The playroom sits smartly next to COMO Beach Club, the parents are able to enjoy their pinacoladas while the kids get zenned out with their yoga session. What a perfect combo.

The Rooms

Poolside One-Bedroom Apartment

I stayed in this very generous sized apartment. It was the most pleasant and luxurious stay. I loved the fact that there were two areas where you could sit, read and chat – The Living Room and The Patio. You could walk into the pool from the patio.

Garden Patio Room

The rooms at COMO Uma Canggu are crisp and modern, yet oozing luxury.

Photo credit: COMO Uma Canggu
Photo credit: COMO Uma Canggu


The penthouses are the cherry on the cake! The two story penthouse has its own pool, you wouldn’t need to leave the room. The generously spaced 3 bedroom is a perfect party pad for a group of friends or families!

Watch Penthouse video 1, Penthouse video 2.

A comment from an Om & Away traveller who stayed at The Penthouse, Brandon Chong. This is what he said of his stay.

Photo Credit: Brandon Chong – Branstands

“I love the thoughtfulness of the whole property, from their butler service (tending to all your needs) to all the furniture in the property and the amazing architecture.
I really liked the textures they used for everything, from napkins to cloth towels and sofa pillows; they we’re super artsy”

My favorite part of the rooms are its amenities. That distinct scent of the COMO line of soaps and lotions is an instant mood lifter for me.

Como Shambhala

Next up, we had a tour of the COMO Shambhala, the spa of the COMO Hotels. As we walked to the reception, the scents of the spa wifted through my nose. Ah, how lovely.

The treatment rooms and changing rooms had a touch of Hollywood Glamour with its spot-lit mirrors and dazzling tiles.

The Spa manager, Ms  Ni Luh Sariningsih talks more about the spa.

The Gym

Now, the gym. The gym is usually the least interesting place of a hotel, but definitely not here at COMO. They allocated very generous square footage for the fitness and wellness of their guests. The gymnasium stocks state of the art equipment in a very chic space. They have more than enough machines for all the guests here.

The full time trainer, Ray Subrata shares more on the gym.

Watch Ray’s video. 

The Studios

Not only do they have the hardware, there are also multiple studios for Yoga and Pilates. There are two yoga studios and enthusiastic yogis who are not staying at The COMO are also welcomed to join these classes. The resident yoga instructor is Emma W, who has been teaching at the COMO Shambhala Urban Estate in SIngapore. She brings along her tropical sunny disposition to the studios here.

I had the lovely opportunity to speak with her and attend her Yogalates class. And oh boy, it was tough! But she made it look so effortless. Cheers to Emma, she manages to bring life and zen to her class at the same time. I recommend that every visitor to Bali try her class!

Watch Emma’s Interview.

COMO Beach Club

At this point, you must be wondering, “O how about the food?”
And to that, I would answer, “The food is amazing!”

Well, true to COMO style, the food lived up to expectation. Their COMO Cuisine in Singapore has no doubt been very successful. The food here at COMO Beach Club, their only F&B outlet, is an exquisite juggle of healthy and decadence. Every dish that I tried was just fireworks on my palette, of course at the same time, every dish was very instagram worthy as well!

Their portions were generous and very well curated. The flavors burst in your mouth and instead of feeling guilt, you feel good knowing that the dishes were prepared with you in mind. I would say its clean-eating X gastronomy.

Watch Breakfast video.

The best part really, is the view! You have your amazing meals with the waves crashing on the blacksand beach and the fashionably toned bodies strewn on the huge swings that surround the swimming pool. So whether you are here for the sunset, or to people which, COMO Beach Club has got you covered!

I also had the opportunity to speak more with Pauline, as she shares more about the beach club and the delectable spread of food at the Beach Club.

And also with Eugene, the director of sales & marketing for COMO family in Bali. He shares about ” what makes COMO special and stands out among the rest”

Watch it below
1.  Pauline talks about the beach club and food
2. Trends in wellness travel
3. Eugene on COMO special element 


Watch all the videos of the interviews we held that day with Emma (Yoga Teacher), Ray (Personal Trainer & Pilates Teacher) and Sarin(Spa Manager).

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We are happy to share our experience with you anytime.

Charlyn Ding
Chief Om Goddess

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