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Chiva-Som has announced the enhancement of their six modalities by adding to their already outstanding list of results-driven treatments, further underlining its position as a pioneer of the wellness industry.  This latest enhancement to the service offering complements the extensive physical overhaul of the resort, which reopens on 1 November after the third stage of an extensive four-phase remodelling.  Rooms, suites and public areas will reveal a fresh new design with the award-winning resort’s state of the art facilities, technical software and equipment also enhanced. The fourth and final stage of refurbishments will take place between May and November 2019, when the resort will fully reopen for a new era of wellness.


Isokinetic exercise – used to measure muscular strength and particularly beneficial for those needing to restore optimal form of function after injury or surgery, these machines control the pace of the exercise by fluctuating resistance throughout the full range of motion.

Dynamic Hip Functional Exercise – helps improve muscle contractions and increases the strength of the hip flexor; highly recommended for runners and walkers and those who sit for long periods.


Bio Cellulose Coconut Mask – reduces wrinkles and enhances skin firmness and plasticity by increasing the diffusion of active components in the skin ten times more effectively than a regular mask. Also used after laser treatment to help reduce redness, the refreshing Bio Cellulose based mask significantly hydrates and maintains moisture whilst oxygenating the skin.


Colonic Hydrotherapy – three new Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments will be available that use water, herbal solutions, enzymes as well as substances such as coffee, probiotics and charcoal to cleanse the large intestine in order to eliminate and remove waste from the bowel.

Comprehensive Folate Assessment for Detoxification and Metabolic Health

Folate is an essential vitamin in the body that promotes a variety of health benefits, including detoxification, hormone balance, and healthy red blood cells. Unfortunately, the standard tests for Folate in the blood do not accurately reflect the level of this vitamin, which can lead to health disturbances.

Chiva-Som has introduced two ways to measure Folate status in the body: 1) Assessment of Folate in the cells, not the blood, which provides a more accurate result of Folate levels in the body, and 2) genetic assessment for your personal capability to metabolize Folate into its active form, a process which involves the enzyme MTHFR. The MTHFR gene mutations lab test is a valuable health screening tool to show this common gene mutation. This test helps determine your ability to activate Folate in the body and may provide insight into treatment recommendations.

These tests are just a few examples of a wide variety of health screening tools which guests at Chiva-Som can take advantage of to ensure the promotion of optimal health and well-being.


LPG CELLU M6 Alliance – the latest spa equipment uses a non-invasive technique that mechanically stimulates the skin, releases resistant fat and smoothes the appearance of cellulite.


FTM (Functional Training Movement) – a training method based on real-world situational biomechanics using several muscle groups at once, resulting in increased strength that forces the body to function as a single unit, whilst also improving coordination and neuromuscular control.

Mini resistance bands – a great go-to for a quick and effective fitness fix, these versatile and easy-to-use ‘mini-bands’ offer different levels of resistance with many benefits including; increased muscle activation, fast-track fat loss as well as form refinement and strengthening.


Chiva-Som will now offer a daily, complimentary mid-afternoon snack from 3-5pm and a digestive aid pre-dinner shot in the newly refurbished Orchid Lounge at 6pm. The resorts acclaimed Taste of Siam restaurant will continue to serve its award-winning wellness cuisine; now introducing sustainable Hua Hin seafood and indigenous vegetables from the resorts very own organic garden and both the Petchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan Province.  Additionally, guests will be able to enjoy a special dinner wellness cuisine set menu at the private outdoor dining area, Sala, situated outside the brand new Thai Pavilion Suite.

Reservations are available to book from 1 November 2018 – 30 April 2019.

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