Cambodia’s Wellness Resort of Dreams

Angkor Wat (photo courtesy of Navutu Dreams)

Ever wondered what Cambodia has to offer besides the UNESCO sites of Angkor Wat? It is also a wellness destination known for its cultural activities, lovely people and tropical oasis. Hospitality is warm and welcoming, the sun shines all day, and you can immerse yourself in its deep heritage and culture. Here’s a little spoiler on what to expect when you come to Navutu Dreams, a specialized wellness retreat location in Siem Reap.

The Unique Experience

When guests arrive, the first unique experience at Navutu is the surprise of finding an oasis, off the beaten track in Siem Reap.

During their stay they are pleasantly shocked that they’ve come to a resort  in Cambodia where the crew understands what a vegan diet is, and what they need for someone with celiac or any kind of allergy. Guests learn that the crew at Navutu has combined the exploration and discovery of the magnificence of Angkor Wat with a wellness escape.

Navutu focuses heavily on turnkey moments for guests. These surprising and warm experiences, or #NavutuMoments, come from their our destination-inspired wellness activities, like a pranayama meditation at sunrise on a sacred temple ground, or forest bathing within a select path in the Angkor Archaeological Park.

Guests during yoga and mindfulness session (photo courtesy of Navutu Dreams)

Navutu looks after a lot of solo travelers who have the need to de-stress and de-compress. Couples also come often as they would like to combine a tour of Angkor with a romantic holiday in a venue where they can continue their choice of living mindfully.

Yoga in the pavilion (photo courtesy of Navutu Dreams)

To maximise the experience, take the time to do their culinary journeys which combines a healthy cuisine cooking class with a tour of the country side and the local market with our Chef. Or sign up for one of their signature experiences such as sunset cruise around a protected, natural bird sanctuary which is only 3 km from the resort.

On the Culture in Siem Reap

Traditions run deep here (photo courtesy of Navutu Dreams)

While Siem Reap has become a melting pot of cultures with its expatriates, the locals have stayed true to their cultural traditions. It is not rare to witness the full regalia of a local wedding much as you do not have to seek so far to see a parade of monks.

As a matter of awareness, guests sometimes forget that this is a very conservative society, still steep in tradition. The area itself, Angkor, is considered sacred by its people. Angkor Wat is a living temple where people to this day come to worship. Visitors are best advised to dress properly (none of the attire that is more suitable for a seaside location).

Adventure Awaits

Angkor Wat (photo courtesy of Navutu Dreams)

As one of South East Asia’s main tourist destinations, guides are well-trained and professionally licensed by the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia. They specialize in various languages from English to Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese etc. So guests don’t have to worry about communication gaps or questionable tours.

To really fulfil their quest for adventure in such an exotic location like Siem Reap, guests have to really be open and communicative about their expectations. Navutu specializes in bespoke experiences, so the more information they are given from inquiries, the better they are able to match expectations and create those special moments.


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